Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with something that should represent the final chapter, but probably doesn't:

wral 5:03pm via WRAL Feed
ALERT: Company formerly known as Blackwater to pay $7.5M fine for illegal weapons exports wral.com

Strangely enough, I don't blame Blackwater/Xe/Academi for fomenting violence worldwide, I blame our government. And that includes you and me. We made the horrible mistake of employing mercenaries to do the jobs that DoD and the State Department should have done for themselves, and, in the process, we created a monster.

Coleman4LtGov 2:49pm via Web
Tell the NC GOP leaders we are serious. Sign the petition to fight extremist "murder for hire" statements bit.ly/OsAOKK #ncpol

Don't take this as a sign that I've forgiven SEANC for its various and incomprehensible political activities for the last few years or so, but Linda's got some chops. Out of all my Primary losses (of which there are legion), I regret this one the least. You'll notice I didn't say, "I was wrong." ;)

facingsouth 3:05pm via Web
Will Texas execute a man with an IQ of 61 tonight? bit.ly/Nev8oj

Wait a minute, I didn't even know that George W. Bush had been arrested, much less convicted? This sharp focus on NC politics frequently leaves me ill-informed on national and international stuff...

TVreporter 6:16pm via TweetDeck
Temple shooter Wade Page had a KKK application on his desk when he was fired from Fayetteville job in 2003, according to bike shop owner

Okay, I know this is a tragic story, but...what the hell would a KKK application consist of? 1) List the last three insane racist organizations you've been involved with in the last five years. 2) Why did you leave? 3) Write a brief summary of what you hope to achieve by Joining the Klan. 4) If you're selected, can you provide your own sheet (must be a minimum of 400 threads per inch)?

LOLGOP 2:41pm via TweetDeck
Based on Wikipedia edits, I'm pretty certain Romney's VP choice will be "The Hobbit."

Now that I think of it, Bilbo did have an extremely nice crib, and no occupation which could have provided the earnings for such. Dubious investments? Offshore tax havens? Outsourcing manufacturing to the Southrons? Hmmm.


Tickets available for Democratic National Convention

From the Charleston Post and Courier (SC):

Post & Courier ‏@postandcourier

Tickets available for Democratic convention. http://bit.ly/QJMNY8 #scpol #chsnews

Note: I have not seen this from local NC media.
here is the direct link


Update: WRAL.com did report this from Charlotte earlier today, too.

Martha Brock