Tuesday Twitter roundup

When you get caught with your hand in the video recording jar:

Dandy has apparently taken this ad down, but cue the RW nutters complaining about "Liberal" media not allowing conservatives to steal their intellectual property...

Better yet (and I know it isn't as important because he isn't running, but still) where is Richard Burr on this? He was the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee when this report should have come before Congress. Did Burr know? Did Burr care?

I have no idea who either of these guys are. Or the desire to find out...

New Orleans is 81 miles away from Baton Rouge. Thank god SCOTUS ruled this down.

Translated: "I've been campaigning, like I always have." Useless as teats on a boar hog (that doesn't count as a curse word because I used the proper spelling).

And I thought that Trump golf cart parade in Florida was peak 2020. I was wrong...

Hahahahaha! I can't wait for the Carolina Journal to try and float that turd...

The Hall of Shame needs to be widened so they can all walk together.

And there's the difference between how the RNC treats a Republican Governor vs a Democratic one. Hypocrites, every one of them.

I don't recall Republicans "working with" the Dems in the U.S House when the GOP had control. And if I'm not mistaken, several of those Republicans openly declared they would oppose *every* policy put forward by Obama. So quit whining about fairness.

Yeah, I'm sure Dandy can wave his magic wand and protect people from the pandemic. Or maybe pray it away. I do hate a demagogue.

Yeah, if that's all he can bring himself to say, he should just stick to "no comment."

Yep, they broke it, and are now howling for Roy Cooper to fix it. Just another day in GOP misinformationland.

On that contemptible note, and with deep apologies for being so late posting, here's your Onion:

Not satire. He actually feels this way.



Great roundup

Crazy shit out there. It looks like the Dandy is starting to lose it.


"Democrats in Congress only want to dictate their terms to the country – they are unwilling to work with the Republicans."

Kinda hard to "work with Republicans" when the GOP agenda is basically allowing police to kill people of color and violently attack peaceful protestors with no accountability, spreading COVID-19 to "save" the economy, and selling out the lives of American soldiers to Russia.

What do we compromise on? The number of people who die?