Tuesday Twitter roundup

Go tell it on the mountain. Trump and his ilk are transparent as hell about their support for the top 10%, but too many that are left behind aren't paying attention.

Pretty sure Cozzie could kick his ass if it came down to it. And I know NC's African-American voters will do the same to Trump. Bring on November.

Not holding my breath waiting for evangelicals to hold him accountable. The hypocrisy is strong with them.

Frankly, NC citizens should be just as outraged by Trump's response as the monkey comment. He said, "Only in North Carolina." Meaning, such racist nonsense is fine here because we're all racists. But you can't say it anywhere else. Let me repeat that:

God I can't wait for this to be over.

Plague. Rats.

Actually Phil, you had the opportunity to fund this separate from your unacceptable budget, and Governor Cooper would have signed it coming in the door. So if you want to blame somebody, look in a mirror.

Meadows is a...Okay, I don't want to use one of my allotted 5 curse words for the week, so just fill that in with your favorites.

I will freely admit, I had hoped DeJoy would avoid political crap and just do his job, but I was naive for hoping that. He's not trying to "help" the post office, he's trying to destroy it.

Can you imagine waking up every morning knowing you're going to have to rationalize away another (or several) embarrassing Trump lies or tacit admissions of corruption or attempted election meddling? It must be exhausting. But these people are so stubborn they make mules seem cooperative in comparison.

Sorry, Pete. Just being free of charge is not enough for me to sit through nonsense like that. You need to throw in a box of doughnuts, or something. Oh, and you might want to read up on that convalescent plasma stuff:

Aside from the fact this has yet to be authenticated with proper research, it also has the air of vampirism about it. You can't get that plasma without draining the blood of people who have survived a plague, and if this does turn out to be effective, I can see Trump issuing an executive order to not "limit" the amount people can donate in each sitting. I'm sure he can trot out some nutbag hematologist to say you really only need 2-3 pints to keep functioning. And as an added bonus, when you pass out there won't be enough oxygen going to your brain for dream sex with demons and such.

On that morbid note, here's your Onion:

I spit a little coffee when I read that, which is the equivalent of a 9.2 on the humor scale. Good job, Onion.