Tuesday Twitter roundup

What he said. DeJoy is an arrogant, unapologetic partisan hack, who refuses to put back the sorting machines and blue mail boxes he removed. He doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

The NC GOP has no shame, at all. They also don't have enough courage to make a peep questioning their Orange Fuhrer.

You just lost any possible support I might have had for your cause.

I've already heard it, Pete. Your bias came through loud and clear, and your participation should be discontinued in future forums. I will also remember your support for a valor-stealing sexual harasser over a decorated veteran for a long time to come. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Just a taste:

Occupational segregation is one of the structural forces pushing women and people of color to the frontlines of COVID-19. Barriers to education, hiring discrimination, biases in promotion, obligations outside of work, and inadequate public transit are all among the factors that have left women and people of color in many of the essential jobs that have to be done to keep society functioning in the midst of this pandemic. Our failure to address these systemic barriers means women make up over 65 percent of the workers in key frontline industries like health care, child care, cleaning services, grocery and convenience stores, and public transit, compared with just under 50 percent of all workers in North Carolina.

Black workers are similarly overrepresented in these industries. Similarly, Hispanic and Latino workers are overrepresented in the many essential jobs necessary to get food to our tables, such as farming, food processing, and grocery stores. In the absence of adequate safety enforcement, these jobs often come with enormous risk of contracting COVID-19.

The inadequacy of our internet infrastructure makes matters even worse. Low-income neighborhoods in both rural and urban communities are often ignored by internet service providers, further cutting off people in these communities from job opportunities that require reliable broadband access. The combination of occupational segregation and lack of access to internet means that fewer than one in five Black, Hispanic, or Latino people works a job that can be done from the safety of home, compared with nearly one-third of white workers.

I would contrast this report with the free-market pablum put out by Civitas, but there is no comparison. Real problems require an honest assessment like the above, not anti-government propaganda.

I keep hearing about bar owners' "families," but y'all just threw a paltry $50 per week increase in the horrifically low NC unemployment benefits. Quit talking about families, you obviously don't care about them.

I hate to say it, but in the absence of a criminal investigation into DeJoy's activities, Republican and conservative Unaffiliated voters won't bat an eye at this. Because only Democrats can be corrupt. Republican candidates? Oh, they're just clever.

Lol! Yeah, they're getting desperate. When you can no longer "studiously ignore" your competition, that means the footfalls are right behind you.

Speaking of desperation:

That is some silly shit, right there. Keep it up, and Cooper might hit 65% of the vote.

Sam! Sorry, didn't mean to blurt that out, but I miss the big lug.

Apparently the County Commission's GOP Chair asked Trump to wear a mask, because he's worried about some down-ballot races. Does Trump care about those losers? No. He doesn't care about anybody but himself.

On that predictable note, here's your Onion:

True story.