Tuesday Twitter roundup

Give it a listen, it's short and to the point. Barrett avoided/evaded more questions than she answered, and that should frighten everybody.

But but...Diamond and Silk said...

Lol! Start out with 20 people, but expect to hire hundreds? That's not how any of this works. Republicans are so gullible...

If McClatchy rejected the ad, it must have been a legal minefield of slanderous nonsense. Quit whining, and do better.

You misspelled "responsible data-driven analysis" in your zest to push an anti-union message. But this nonsense from Berger takes the cake:

Berger, in a release, says, “On every single COVID decision, the governor refused to let locals make any decisions for themselves. But now, on perhaps the most critical decision of all — whether to reopen schools — the governor has abandoned all responsibility and passed off decision making to local districts.”

Berger continued, “Any reasonable person would look at what’s going on and conclude that Gov. Cooper is harming children by keeping them out of school because he’s afraid of angering his allies in the far-left NCAE.”

You just contradicted yourself, and you're too much of a partisan to realize it. He let the school districts decide between the B or C options, instead of ordering them all to open with no restrictions like Dan Forest would. But that's abandoning responsibility?

Good lord, you are an idiot.

Wow. What an asshole. If that's how he treats his "best friend," what can his constituents expect?

Dude has lost his mind, and so have the people who keep sending him to Raleigh.

Republican superfan of Blockchain. Yeah, that's exactly what Wake County needs, a delusional "entrepreneur" with access to a $1.5 Billion budget...

If you gave half a damn about NC's farmers you would have been screaming at Trump to stop his stupid trade war with China. Instead, we got crickets. You're about as useless as they come.

Way too many maskless faces in that crowd. Every time Trump shows up, he creates a contact tracing nightmare. Symbolic of his entire presidency.

Trump's idiotic attacks on mail-in voting may prove to be his undoing. He expects his supporters to expose themselves to the coronavirus to re-elect him, but the spike in cases will likely keep many at home. Film on 11/3.

On that sobering note, here's your Onion:

They're still working on it...