Tuesday Twitter roundup

I agree with almost all of this, except this recommendation for Chief Justice Roberts:

And he and his colleagues can agree to hear one of the many challenges to Roe v. Wade now making their way through lower courts — and vote to uphold Roe for now. That would be the surest sign that the Roberts Court is not going to turn (immediately at least) into the reactionary caricature that most expect.

I don't want them to touch Roe v. Wade. Roberts is no longer a "swing" voter, and I don't trust his influence over the other 5 conservative judges to tempt fate like that.

The stink of desperation is upon you. Begone, foul spirit! Sorry, I've been reading some Classics again...

Lynn has done some outstanding work in the past, but the fact she has really piissed off Art Pope's Puppets is good enough for me. One of the few reporters in the state not afraid to reveal Koch Brother activities here.

Talk about projection. Tillis is about to ram his third unqualified Supreme Court candidate down our throats, but it's the Democrats who are guilty.

Oooh. Thanksgiving is going to be more than a little uncomfortable this year...

Lol! Dude is so low in the polls he has to look up to see down. But just keep telling your Handmaid's Tale, he can always go lower.

It is long past time we get more aggressive on chemical companies. After fucking up the Ohip river and contaminating communities in West Virginia, Dow fiddled with their chemical compound a little and opened a business in another name (Chemours), and then proceeded to fuck up the Cape Fear River from Fayetteville to Wilmington. We let that happen. Shame on us. We also ignored warnings (for years) about flame retardant, most of which contaminated water resources during TRAINING SESSIONS. Not actual fires, training. And now our firefighters are sick.

Shame on us.

Lies are all they can come up with. And as long as the GOP base believes them, they'll keep doing it.

This is not just a political jab by Wayne, it reveals a major difference between the two candidates, and who they care for the most:

Hudson’s ruling in favor of policyholders seems to directly contradict North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey’s understanding of the law. Causey posted online an open letter to business owners on April 17 telling them that his office cannot force insurers to pay for damages that aren’t covered.

“Standard business interruption policies are not designed to provide coverage for viruses, diseases, or pandemic-related losses because of the magnitude of the potential losses,” he said. “Insurability requires that loss events are due to chance and that potential losses are not too heavily concentrated or catastrophic. This is not possible if everyone in the risk pool is subject to the same loss at the same time.”

Causey’s letter repeated projections made by the Insurance Information Institute that business-continuity losses from COVID-19 may amount to $220 billion to $383 billion per month, and that the total amount reserved for all home, auto and business insurers amounts to only $800 billion.

“This type of loss could cripple the insurance industry causing many companies to fail, which would put the protection of homes, automobiles, and businesses at risk,” Causey said.

That's bullshit. Denying protection from catastrophic business losses does not "protect" policyholders, it does the exact opposite. NC voters didn't elect you to serve insurance companies, they elected you to serve them. And that was a mistake soon to be rectified.

And every vote you steal from Moe Davis is a vote for a misogynistic, neo-nazi, valor-stealing dirtbag. Gee thanks.

Dude is on the verge of a mental breakdown. We may need the 25th Amendment even after he loses the election...

On that jaw-dropping note, here's your Onion:

"You're fired!" "I work for CBS, not NBC." "You're fired anyway!"