Tuesday Twitter roundup

Roger that. Republicans offer nothing but destructive policies, up and down the ballot. Don't give them the opportunity.

I've never understood the draw of lapdances. It's like somebody showing you a tall glass of ice water after you've been crawling in the desert for a couple days, and then they just pour it into the sand. After paying for it, no less...

Still need a reason to distrust SEANC's opinion? Here is Dale Folwell back in 2011 showing his contempt for state employees:

"We're not going to put people back to work raising taxes," said state Rep. Dale Folwell, R-Forsyth and the House speaker pro tem.

But Folwell acknowledged that the House budget would put many state employees out of work.

"The job creation of this state has to come from private industry, and not from government," he said.

We lost some 40% of DENR (now DEQ) employees thanks to Folwell and his gang, not to mention a bunch of other state employees. But those people are no longer dues-paying members of SEANC, so fuck 'em, I guess.

Lol! Who's talking about Universal Basic Income these days? Anyone? Bueller? That's right, Civitas is the only one talking about it, because all they can scrounge up anymore are logical fallacies.

And he'll end up wearing a uniform (and sidearm) somewhere else, and next time we'll be talking about a police killing, not just a beating. Grrr.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to interview Myers Park Pat for cogent election predictions needs to have their head examined. Dude makes other idiots seem brilliant in comparison.

I missed this for Sunday's editorial post, so here's a taste:

The Great Society, informed of course by North Carolina’s earlier efforts to fight poverty through the North Carolina Fund, was one example of what is possible when we collectively fight poverty and the inequality that holds us back from fulfilling the promise of our country. To suggest it failed is to whitewash the history of what came before — slave labor that amassed wealth for the few and brutalized Black bodies, confiscation of land that robbed generations of wealth building, exclusion from lending that cut off families from homeownership.

Just as J. Peder Zane’s retelling of that historical moment (Oct. 29: “The failure of Democrats’ Great Society approach”) shouldn’t go unchallenged, nor should we allow loyalists to the austerity agenda to retell our state’s recent history and what it has meant for Black, brown and the majority of whites North Carolinians across this state.

The tax breaks for the rich and big corporations lauded by J Peder Zane meant that the economic recovery that ended with COVID-19 saw the consolidation of income by the top 1 percent. In 2019, over half of total the income in North Carolina went to the richest 20 percent of residents. It also didn’t reach every county with nearly half of all counties still not having returned to pre-employment levels before COVID-19 hit.

We know enough about inequality at this point to know that our levels of inequality are not only bad for economic growth in the long-run but hurt the health and well-being of people and destabilize democracies.

Hat-tip to Alexandra Sirota for not pulling any punches. NC's poverty problem is much worse than it needs to be, thanks to the GOP's gift-to-the-rich austerity efforts. When people suffer so the wealthy can get wealthier, something is broken in our society.

That might actually be the real Melania. And I might actually not give a shit.

It could be a borderline nervous breakdown, but I laughed pretty hard at that. I made myself hiccup, and I never hiccup.

I'll save you the trouble of clicking the link: They say absolutely nothing about the woman wearing a tutu, which for some reason left me feeling incomplete.

Trump can't even pronounce the county's name properly, said "Catabwa." And still they worship him. Sad.

Okay, I was a little taken aback when I saw those masks, because it was eerily reminiscent of James' DGBNHF (Do Good, Be Nice, Have Fun). So I decided to Google it, and that's when I found an even more intriguing "coincidence":

More than a little strange. Has everything already been said? Are we destined to only repeat what others have said, with slight variations?

On that philosophical note, here's your Onion:

I laughed a little too hard at that, too.