Tuesday Twitter roundup

I wish her congratulations also. But unless she can exert some pressure on Phil Berger to pull his head out of his ass and work with the Governor (and the NC House), this won't even leave a smudge on the glass ceiling.

Today we will discuss how inept website gurus can pursue a lucrative career in right-wing propaganda. Okay, we just discussed it. Andrew doesn't deserve even that much analysis.

At least he can walk down a slightly inclined ramp without tippy-toeing like a newborn colt.

She's just a selfish idiot. When you're in their house (hospital), you play by their rules, period. The fact the nurse had to force her to wear a mask justt shows you how stupid these people have gotten.

There is no cure for stupid. This very likely refers to 51c per $100 value, which is 1/2 of 1%. And actually on the low side of property taxes in the state.

You are one of the biggest threats to democracy in our country. And what makes it even worse, I know you don't believe that shit, you're just running a grift like your pal Trump.

That would be today, I snagged this Tweet yesterday.

I've been waiting for Jordan to write this:

True to form, a Proud Boy named Jeremy Bertino picked up a bullhorn a couple minutes after the official 11:30 a.m. start time and addressed the counter-protesters across the street.

"America will never be a communist nation — never!" Bertino said as fellow Proud Boys lined the sidewalk wearing tactical vests and trademark yellow and black gear. "Your side will lose. We will exterminate you like the rats you are…. Exterminate you!"

Bertino wore a patch with the letters "R-W-D-S" — short for "right-wing death squads." Mass killing of political opponents is a theme widely promoted by Proud Boys and other far-right extremists who celebrate Chilean dictator Augosto Pinochet's grisly practice during the 1970s of disappearing opposition activists by dropping them out of helicopters.

Previewing the in-real-life showdown on Saturday, Bertino posted a photo of North Carolina antifascist Lindsay Ayling on the Parler social media platform, encouraging followers to make a contest out of Photoshopping her image, while making a violent and misogynistic claim that "she has an affinity for alpha males and helicopters" and hash-tagging the post #antifawhore.

Going after women is hard-wired into these assholes. It's also known as cowardice, and absolutely nothing to be proud of.

I've already had to explain this to several people on social media, and I'm sure I'll have to do it more. That being said, it might be worth taking a look at changing that designation, as accurate as it may be.

Yeah, he's an idiot, alright. I may have to go back to watching C-SPAN...

Pay close attention to this, folks:

Hamilton's wife said he likely caught it while he was, as usual, looking out for others. He visited a neighbor who was dying of cancer, then got a call. The neighbor's son, who had been present during the visit, had tested positive.

His wife said Hamilton immediately got tested, but the results were a false negative.

"And then when everything started going downhill, they went on and took a rapid COVID test and found out he had double pneumonia," she said. "And he did have COVID."

It doesn't give the age of the son, or whether any of them were wearing masks. But this is just 3 people and a relatively brief encounter indoors. And that's all Coronavirus needs.

On that depressing note, here's your Onion:

Ah, that's why there were so many leftovers...



Word from the wise germ: