Tuesday Twitter roundup

He was also a consensus-builder, something Phil Berger has never even tried to be. I would say, "he will be missed," but we've been missing him for some time now already.

You're not very smart, are you? Here's a Tweet from less than three weeks ago:

At the Emergency Operations Center, which is several miles from the Governor's Mansion. But thanks for playing...

Trump doesn't care, and neither do his Republican butt-sniffers.

So...what are you complaining about? You're a Libertarian (apparently), but you think it's too easy to qualify to run for office? That only a select few should be allowed, including yourself? You know what, nevermind...

And he's probably still a Trump supporter, even though it damned near killed him and his family.

Your mistake is assuming most Republicans actually care about the military. They don't, and not just Trump-loving jerks like Budd.

I agree, and would also remind readers that HB142 has expired. This would be a great place for a non-discrimination ordinance.

Honestly, I'm not sure I could care less about sports right now. 40% of our population would literally tear up our Constitution to keep a disgusting, irredeemable, lying sack of shit in power. Throwing a ball around seems meaningless with that hanging over our heads.

And you just revealed your true motivation for withholding critical pandemic relief: Nancy Pelosi. It doesn't matter how much we need to do something, if she supports it, you won't. As a Representative, you're a logical fallacy (ad hominem), nothing more than a speed bump to slow our recovery. Shameful.

Such a major loss of benefits for future state employees, and that's all you've got to say? If you had been doing your job holding Republicans accountable, instead of covering for them, this benefit might still be intact.

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

Tee-hee... :)



Not today, pal...