Tuesday Twitter roundup

I've got one word for you: Solidarity. If Republicans force another bill through the General Assembly to block such ordinances, the Governor needs to Veto that nonsense and Democrats from both houses need to uphold that Veto. And any others he chooses to deploy.

Not gonna throw all 22 at you, but here are a couple:

And regardless of the actual number of people who went inside the Capitol building, there were hundreds who crossed police barriers and climbed all over the outside of the building, like a bunch of fucking rats scurrying around. Which is what they were.

Lock her up. Lock him up. Lock 'em all up.

We need to start at the top, locate and incarcerate the leaders. I have already sent information to the FBI about somebody who lives about 5 miles from me, and I will do it again before it's over. Tired of this shit.

Okay, this is important, so pay attention: It's tempting to blame the Army for allowing this to happen. But it didn't. Her career ended after a run-in with local police for violating a playground closed due to the pandemic. (note: I served with 1st SOCOM for a few years, and while we sometimes took "unconventional" to the extremes, we maintained our high standards. I'm glad to see this hasn't changed.)

See, that's how you do it. Those Republicans may not feel shame, but many of their donors apparently do. Cut off their money and they won't stand a chance at re-election.

To be clear, Pence has the power to call the Cabinet in for a vote on the 25th Amendment, and to contribute his vote to the process. His power ends there.

***edited to add: I misread this. I thought it was in reference to the 25th Amendment (which I should have realized that Trump wouldn't be pushing Pence to do), but it's about Pence rejecting Electoral votes and replacing them with Trump Electors. Frankly, Mark Martin should be front and center denying that advice to Trump, if nothing else but because it calls into question his judgment and ability to head up a prestigious law school. His silence is deafening...

I agree. "Armed" and "Peaceful" are simply not compatible with each other. Implied violence and intimidation in the public square is strong evidence their argument (whatever it may be) is a weak one, and not likely to be embraced by society. When you use the 2nd Amendment to suppress the 1st Amendment, you are demonstrating your ignorance of the Constitution itself.

On leave? That picture was taken inside the Capitol building. That is proof enough they were engaged in insurrection. They should be brought into the office, fired from their jobs, and then taken into custody until they can be turned over to Federal agents. Putting them "on leave" means they are free to travel right back up to DC and continue to engage in seditious acts. No. Just, no.

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

Yep. Happens every day, I'm sure.