Tuesday Twitter roundup

The timing of the FBI's decision to drop the months-long investigation tells us quite a bit. Shortly before Biden was sworn in, but after the House voted to Impeach. Was there a quid pro quo between Trump and Burr dealing with his Impeachment vote in the upcoming Senate trial? The fact the Senate Ethics panel did not outright absolve Burr of any wrongdoing is also very telling, but it looks like Burr will not face any consequences for his second bank run.

As usual your logic is flawed. You would force them to have an in-person meeting, with probably unlimited public participation, or not make any policy decisions at all. Aside from the fact that's just plain reckless, you're also assuming that would somehow lead them to open schools. In reality, it would actually make them fear the virus more.

Well, he can't drive the golf cart. Trump doesn't let anybody do that for him, because it's his Par Assault Vehicle (PAV) and follows his commands unquestioningly. Unless the battery dies.

I agree with this 100%. Except for Bigfoot. I'm keeping an open mind about that...

Oh god, here we go again. The Tim Peck Tim Moffitt bromance is rekindling. Where is Shakespeare when you need him?

Uh, no. Political theatrics is acting like a deadly pandemic is just another flu variation, nothing to worry about, merely to attack a Democratic Governor. Jeff's comment is just a light-hearted satirical observation, which of course flies way over the heads of trolls.

Yeah, that needs to be retired. And so should calling everybody from our state "Tarheels," for that matter. Nothing against UNC mind you, I've just always found it...degrading? Reductive? something along those lines. Then again, I was born in Florida. Tarheel might be slightly better than "Cracker."

Yeah, that's a load of crap. The average high temperature during the two equinoxes approaches the 70 degree mark. There are harsh days during the Winter and Summer, but "mild" is the rule for 4/5 of the year.

It would be pretty sweet if somebody could get Meadows on record about that phone call, even if it's not included in the articles. Help back up any criminal charges that may be brought by Georgia prosecutors.

You know who is tasked with most domestic violence calls, intervention, and prevention? County sheriff's departments. You take them out of the loop on permitting, and more women will die. So spare me the faulty 2nd Amendment argument, I've got more important things to contemplate.

I didn't even want this Tweet. You lost me long before the ukulele showed up...

And not a single mask in view. What the 4th Circle of Hell is wrong with these people?

On that inscrutable note, here's your Onion:

Tee-hee... :)