Tuesday Twitter roundup

By the time Ed got his first vaccine it was already too late. This virus is not a joke, and it's definitely not something people should use to score political points, like this:

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. It doesn't mean those regulations are not needed, it just means that speed is more important. And by the way, when you people steer 4 out of 5 of your articles onto pushing for CON law reform, it makes me wonder just how heavily invested Art Pope is in medical device manufacturing/sales.

Is that what she's saying, or is that merely what you're thinking? One thing is for certain, Erica needs to make sure she doesn't become a pawn in other people's ideological or political games again. Film at eleven.

I really need to watch that, but I may need to trick Evil Steve into taking a nap during that time. Because Republicans.

Of course the only one notified is a rabid Trump supporter:

As of Sunday evening, Jackson said she had “not heard a word” from Cawthorn’s team. “I have not received an invitation from Madison Cawthorn for any meeting,” said Ashley Lasher, executive director of the Asheville Jewish Community Center. “Crickets,” echoed Rabbi Batsheva H. Meiri of Congregation Beth HaTephila, a Reform synagogue in Asheville. “I have not heard from his office or anyone else,” said Jessica Whitehill, executive director at Jewish Family Services of WNC. Rabbi Shaya Susskind, executive director of the Chabad House of Asheville, did not respond to email inquiries from JI, but a source who spoke with him on Friday said he was unaware of the call.

Only Adrienne Skolnik, who chairs the North Carolina chapter of the Conference of Jewish Affairs, appears to have received advance notice. She told JI via email on Friday night that she had been in contact with Bock about the February call. “I see this as a wonderful opportunity and plan to attend,” said Skolnik, a vocal Trump supporter who has criticized what she perceives as liberal bias in local synagogues. Her hope, she said, is that the meeting will engender “mutual respect between the Jewish community and Madison Cawthorn.”

If you needed more evidence Cawthorn is a cowardly little home-schooled punk, there you go.

As Yoda would say, "Whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking, and motorcycle-riding not make one bad-ass." And then he would hit you with a stick.

Oh, hell no. Take that low-ball nonsense and run it through the shredder.

This is some crazy shit right here:

Plummer defended the mob that marched to the Capitol as “incredibly peaceful” and “Christians,” and instead told his young class at the diverse Fred M. Lynn Middle School that the summer’s Black Lives Matter protesters were to blame for “destroying cities.”

Plummer, who did not respond to a request for comment, was subsequently put on leave over his Zoom rant after a student recorded it and it was posted to Twitter. The Prince William County school district told local news outlets that while employees are permitted to “engage in political activity on their personal time,” they are not to do so during work hours or using school resources.

Plummer is just one of several teachers who’ve faced consequences for their actions related to the insurrection. There’s the high school history teacher in Wisconsin under investigation for telling his students he was going to DC to defend “election integrity.” There’s the Florida substitute dismissed for telling students falsely the rioters were antifa. A Pennsylvania social studies teacher was suspended pending an investigation for attending the Trump rally before the Capitol attack and saying on Facebook he was “doing [his] civic duty.” And then there was the Cleveland school therapist who stormed the Capitol with a QAnon sign, resigned in a letter saying she was switching careers “to expose the global evil of human trafficking and pedophilia,” and was then arrested by the FBI.

Weed 'em out. These people have no business shaping the minds of our children.

It's long past time to fix this. And before it even comes up, no, there is no (good) reason to allow child brides in North Carolina.

Cue the snowflake tears of the 21st Century Secessionists...

Yeah. It should make me happy, but it doesn't. In years past, those moderate Republicans kept the lunatics in line, for the most part. But those moderates are extinct now.

If by "timely" you mean "push-poll," then yeah. Also, when 65% of the respondents have *no* children in K-12 schools, you may as well just scrap this poll instead of waving it around. It's useless.

On that eye-rolling note, here's your Onion:

I don't know. I've heard things...