Tuesday Twitter roundup

And the NC GOP answers by shortchanging teachers and refusing to expand Medicaid. Clueless.

No steps were taken to determine which side of the masks were contaminated (kind of important, ya think?). Sections were cut and soaked in a compound to release proteins before any analysis began, so it's entirely possible (probable) that the masks had functioned exactly how they were supposed to, by filtering nasty stuff before it could be inhaled. Also, these were not random samples, they were provided by the very people who wanted these results. Not suggesting they were tampered with, intentionally contaminated, but that would not surprise me, at all.

I've taken my car over several times, and didn't really use it much while on the island. But I'm not sure leaving my car in Hatteras, and lugging luggage and a bike would be my choice. But your mileage may vary...

Yeah, happy birthday. You should seriously consider retiring from public service, I'm willing to set up a "go fund me" page to send you to the island in "Lost." I hear the Dharma Initiative needs a new button-pusher...

Oh, we're just getting started. It's gonna get ugly, and I'm here for it.

Why do those buildings look like an artistic rendering? Is it just me? Am I developing some sort of weird visual acuity problem? Am I asking too many questions again?

And again, this is what you can expect from allowing BergerMoore to choose all the BOG members. They only answer to their partisan overlords, and silencing dissent is the top concern. Talk about your cancel culture, they're masters at it.

And where is SEANC and/or Dale Folwell? Anyone? Bueller?

On the other hand...

I'm with Scott on this one. That is some stupid shit. Now if they would just crack down on the "rolling coal" idiots, I would be happy...

Honestly, I'm at the point now where I don't want them to fix this. I want Nikole to file a damn lawsuit, subpoena the phone & e-mail records of these jokers, so we can see who has been pulling their strings. The integrity of the entire UNC System is at stake, and the public deserves to know why. All of the why.

He's carrying the dog because the poor little dude would probably make a dash for freedom if he could.

Their budget already stinks to high heaven, but adding this is an intentional effort to force Roy to Veto it. And then they can blame him for teachers getting nothing (as opposed to a pittance), and numerous other disingenuous attacks. The GOP should be tarred and feathered for putting such a poison pill in their own budget, but the focus will be on Cooper rejecting it.

On that disgusting note, here's your Onion:

They're not wrong...



Two quick observations...

1. The image of the General Assembly building is a real one, taken from N. Wilmington St. just south of E. Lane St. You can see it on Google Streetview (well, mostly) and it even has some of that same visual quality that makes it look like an rendering. Maybe just the inherent unreality of the NCGA?

2. The squat truck ban is not, as our idiotic Libertarian friends would have us believe, about opposing some innocent aspect of youth car-culture. It's about basic safety regulations. With the front bumper raised like that, these vehicles are doubly dangerous: the driver can't see what's actually in front of the vehicle for a solid 15-20 feet (at least), and anything that gets hit by that front end is likely to be well under the level of the bumpers, meaning it will get hit with the metal of the front suspension, frame, and engine block. This is a serious safety hazard and exactly the kind of thing that automotive regulations are supposed to protect the public from. But of course, no Libertarian will ever agree that they can be prevented from being a hazard to others at the expense of not being able to do whatever they want.