Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start off with an eye-opener:

Rob_Schofield 11:24am via Tweet Button
NC congressman needs to apologize immediately for appearance on "white nationalist" radio show shar.es/u2uzX #ncga #ncpol #bluenc

Hat-tip to my man Rob for linking to this article:

A North Carolina Republican congressman appeared on a notorious white nationalist radio program on Saturday to talk up legislation he coauthored accusing President Barack Obama of committing impeachable offenses. Rep. Walter Jones, a fiercely anti-war congressman who often breaks with his party on key votes, appeared on the Political Cesspool, a Memphis-based program hosted by ardent white nationalists James Edwards and Eddie Miller.

An avowed white nationalist who says David Duke is "above reproach," Edwards has referred to African Americans as "heathen savages" and "subhuman" and suggested that slavery was "the greatest thing that ever happened" to blacks.

Either Jones is much more extreme than we thought he was, or he's terminally clueless. Either way, I'm personally retracting the unspoken offer to have Walter switch parties and become a Democrat. We're all full up on idiots, thank you very much.

ATT4:50pm via Spredfast
Texting & driving simply isn't worth it! Pledge with us by replying or RT w/ "I pledge." #ItCanWait bit.ly/Qbuvit
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And re-Tweeting and driving is even worse, especially when your laptop keeps sliding around in the passenger seat! I gotta go, the State Patrolman just unsnapped his holster...

underthedome Sep 10, 6:12pm via twitterfeed
SEANC awards lawmakers who broke party ranks in budget override: The State Employees Association gave awards to ... bit.ly/O9Ebpf

Apparently extending Dana Cope's contract was a green light for even more craziness.

HR4Congress 6:16pm via web
Great mtg this afternoon with health care leaders in Buncombe Co. Now talking sportsmen's issues w/ bear hunters in Yancey Co. #ncpol #nc11

Don't forget, you're a Democrat, Hayden. As such, I expect you to also interview a couple of bears to find out what their issues are.

DrTrudyWade 4:59pm via web
Voter Fraud Investigation Lands On Eric Holder's Doorstep via James O'Keefe shar.es/uqGTp #ncgop #ncga #consnc #gop #nccot #tcot

Trudy, you've already got the right-wing nut-job vote. What you're trying to do is secure some of the more sane voters in your district, and that ain't going to happen by flogging videos by the fraud James O'Keefe. Just sayin'.

And as a bonus for reading all the way down to this point:

The Onion‏@TheOnion [video] Americans Observing 9/11 By Trying Not To Masturbate http://onion.com/OEzs0k #11FuckingYearsAgoChrist

I know. I'm sorry. I have a problem. Sometimes I see or read something that's horribly inappropriate, but I laugh anyway. Is that just a foible or a bonafide personality disorder? :o



Terminally clueless is about right. He's officially now the weird uncle.

Always classy

vrobinson 6:45am via Tweet Button Even Carter did not get American ambassadors killed. Epic fail. redstate.com/2012/09/11/vio… via @RedState #gop #teaparty #hhr #consnc #ncga #ncpol

Vernon, you are a fricking idiot. Whether you supported the air campaign against Libya or not, the President removed a dictator that was responsible for (among other things) the Lockerbie crash, killing some 270 people, most of them U.S. soldiers.

Removing him may have made this recent event possible, but using that as a political whip just shows how crazy you are.