Tuesday Twitter roundup

The deadline to register for the 2022 Mid-Term Elections is this Friday. If you have moved (even just a block away) you need to update your registration. If you miss that deadline you can still same-day register & vote at early voting locations, but it's best to do it ahead of time.

It's all they know how to do, tear shit down that others have built up.

Talk about an oxygen thief...

I actually do know a couple of folks who fit the criteria, but I wouldn't be able to have a decent conversation with them anymore if they did this. I'd have to fake a phone call and fade away...

Yah, even the ones who aren't saying it will pull that trigger if they get a chance. Don't give them that chance.

I don't wear Jammy Pants anymore, because my legs get all twisted up and I have nightmares about being caught in traps and such. Boxer-briefs okay? Asking for a friend...

Speaking of nightmares...

Big time Republican donor, too. Which should surprise exactly nobody.

Thanks Gerry, you're a scholar and a gentleman.

On that heartfelt note, here's your Onion:

True story, that.