Tuesday Twitter roundup

Must-see tee vee:

Never forget, and not one step backward.

Glad to see this, but I am becoming a little concerned with our Senator referring to herself in the third person. Steve is not so sure this is healthy.


The new Republican-led board will hear...

Pretty much all you need to know on that story.

What he really means by that is: what's the point in homeschooling if you're not going to take advantage of the opportunity to fill your child's head full of anti-government, anti-science, anti-equality, and other anti-(fill in the blank) beliefs? And what's the point in homeschooling a girl if you're not going to teach her what her place is, and how she needs to stay in that place? She's not a pawn, she's a knight, and it appears as if she's not afraid to go after the king, even though he was hiding behind the castle.

That's...actually kind of unsettling. AFP-NC being in the hands of somebody with more than half-a-brain could be a serious threat...

Speaking of half-a-brain:

Before you dive into this cess-pool to find out what it's all about, don't worry, I've done the necessary. Being the loyal astro-turfers they are, the John Locke Foundation helped perpetuate this blatant race-related propaganda, which is merely another in a long line of Tweets by RWNJ (and likely compensated) Twits who parade this guy as a "voice" for African-Americans:

Last month the British newspaper the Telegraph ran a story alleging that First Lady Michelle Obama spent $50,000 at a Madison Avenue lingerie shop with the Queen of Qatar, a claim which was laughable on its face and of course proven to be categorically untrue. In fact, the Telegraph later pulled the article from its website.

Almost one month later, even after the story was debunked, WorldNetDaily columnist Mychal Massie of the conservative the National Center for Public Policy Research's Project 21, is regurgitating the very same story as if it was a fact. Massie writes that Obama’s vacations, appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and “personal $50,000 underwear spending spree” so she can have the “experience of picking out all those exotic undies,” shows her “disgusting elitism."

Moving deeper into the cess-pool, we find the usual suspects driving this particular propaganda bus:

NCPRR Launches a Voter Identification Task Force

In April, the NCPRR announced that it would launch a Voter Identification Task Force after the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) caved in to public pressures to dismantle their Public Safety and Elections Task Force. The Voter Identification Task Force would be used to carry forward voter ID legislation.

NCPPR's press release scolds the 11 corporations, that had announced they had dropped out of ALEC, which has come under intense scrutiny as a result of the Center for Media and Democracy's ALEC Exposed investigation and the efforts CMD, Color of Change, Common Cause, People of the American Way, Progress Now!, and other groups as well as Daily Kos bloggers. A growing number of concerned citizens are speaking up about ALEC across the country.

NCPPR even set up an email for corporations to reach out to if they "regret" their decision to cut ties with ALEC under the theme "we are not yellow." NCPPR asserts that corporations have succumbed to the "left-wing" which is supposedly using a "trotskyite strategy of making relentless demand-after-demand." [2]

Between 1998 and 2008, NCPPR received $445,000 in funding from ExxonMobil. [12]

NCPPR has also received funding from the following sources:[13]
The Armstrong Foundation
Brady Education Foundation
Carthage Foundation
Castle Rock Foundation
Earhart Foundation
Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation
John M. Olin Foundation
Leadership Institute
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Randolph Foundation
Roe Foundation
Sarah Scaife Foundation
Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation
William H.Donner Foundation

Yeah, I know. This is like the eleventy-third time I've posted information like this, but someone has to do it. And as long as JLF keeps laying down the astro-turf, I'll keep pulling it up.

Speaking of free-market propaganda:

Shorter version: "See! We've got a minority working for us!" You don't have to be white, you just have to hold extreme free-market beliefs. Somehow that's not as reassuring as they think it is.

Apparently you don't want to have anything to do with all the information provided at your request, either.

DAG McCrory just can't help revealing his elitist mentality:

“You and I know people who move out of state for six months and one day to avoid our taxes,” McCrory said. Through lower taxes, “I want them to [draw them back in and] have their permanent residence and business in North Carolina.”

Unfortunately for you, the other 99.9% of us don't know these uber-rich people, and we take offense at being sacrificed in their honor.

Note to editor: people don't speak in parenthetical phrases. When you add those into actual quotes, you are trying to help the speaker make sense. That's not your job and, in McCrory's case, it's a pointless effort.

And it's incomplete. James Protzman officially and openly entered the race over four months ago, and media coverage that misses that fact is just plain incompetent. If you can't accurately report on the Gubernatorial race, God help us when it comes to covering individual districts.

On that frustrating note, we'll grab a bite of Onion to clear our heads:

I don't know why, but I just can't. Stop. Laughing.


Thanks for the shout out

I've received a slew of emails this morning asking why my campaign hasn't gotten the kind of media notice that Spaulding garnered this morning with his announcement. It's simple. He's an insider running an insider campaign ... and I'm just a guy going to court tomorrow for civil disobedience.

Golf balls

Love it!

Among other things, my dad was a teaching professional. And no, I wasn't smart enough to take advantage of that. :)

But he loved to collect logo golf balls, and every time we played a round we would also compete on who could find the coolest ones. I actually beat him more often than not, because I spent a lot of time thrashing through the rough to find my own ball. ;/

Mark decides to go there:

And here's the ouch:

It may be worth noting that McCrory's campaign website says he graduated from "Catawba College in Rowan County, where he earned degrees in Education and Political Science." There's no mention of an economics degree.


Myers Park Pat needs to stick to attacking Liberal groups or (better yet) imaginary opponents he creates in speeches to drive home one of his dull and ambiguous points. The only thing more hazardous to your political health than attacking journalists is attacking extremely intelligent journalists.