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Like fish in a barrel:

More from the, "Well, the world hasn't exploded yet, has it?" category:

Mark Shiver ‏@markshiver 11h
Like education, leftists moan yet schools open, students learn, & teachers teach. Voters are voting now & will in 2016 & beyond. #ncpol

He's figured out how to block people from embedding his dumb-ass Tweets. Which, in itself, is an admission that he's ashamed of at least some of his rants.

Speaking of rants, I've been holding this one in too long:

Just to set the record straight, Sister, this whole Twitter war thing began with a jerk from your side stalking Jeanne on Twitter, trying to shut her up by making sexist and misogynistic comments to her several times daily. It got so bad that I intervened myself, something I don't normally do. I know you witnessed this, because you monitor the #ncga and #ncpol feeds yourself. So you had to see it happening. And neither you nor any other Conservative females said one single word to discourage Tim Peck from attacking her. Or trying expose her and her family's personal information, which Tim Peck did more than once.

Now, you can continue to do Tim Peck's work for him, by attacking another outspoken female like yourself, or you can grow up and get back to talking about politics, and let the Tim Pecks of the world do their own dirty work.

Republican overreach on voter suppression will be their downfall:

DOJ’s lawsuit will allege that four parts of the voter suppression law — North Carolina’s decision to cut early voting days, to require a photo ID to vote, to end same-day voter registration for early voters and to make it harder for voters who show up at the wrong polling place to vote — all justify placing the state under federal supervision to prevent it from disenfranchising voters.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision last June, many parts of the country that had historically engaged in race-based voter suppression — including much of North Carolina — were required to “preclear” any changes to their voting laws with the Justice Department or with a federal court in D.C. Almost immediately after the Court’s five Republicans tossed out this longstanding provision, lawmakers in the covered states began pushing voter suppression plans. Texas waited all of two hours to announce its plans to make it harder for many people of color to vote or to have their vote matter.

Yet, while the GOP justices’ decision did eliminate the existing formula for determining which parts of the country are subject to federal supervision, it did not disturb another part of the Voting Rights Act that could potentially bring many areas back under the federal umbrella. Under Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act, a state can be brought under the preclearance regime if a court finds that “violations of the fourteenth or fifteenth amendment justifying equitable relief have occurred within the territory of such State or political subdivision” — thus states with a recent record of race-based voter suppression can be subject to federal supervision. DOJ’s lawsuit will allege that North Carolina’s voter suppression law fits this bill.

It's a classic case of give them an inch and they take a thousand miles. And the reason Republicans piled so many provisions on top of Voter ID is because they know their clock is ticking. Thanks to all the other idiotic and regressive policies they've pushed, NC voters will be looking to send them back into powerless obscurity, and these voter suppression moves are meant to take some of the sting out of that by silencing tens of thousands of those voters. Well, it ain't gonna work.

It does look bad, but don't expect anything "official" to be done about it. The folks minding the store are both blind and dumb when it comes to policing their own.

What? There's a war on coal? I already knew there was a war on mountains and valley streams to rescue coal that had been held hostage for millions of years, and there's also a war on glaciers and other ice formations that seems to be coming to a conclusion soon, which will contribute greatly in the war on coastal settlements worldwide. But I didn't realize there was a substantial opposition to coal's "benevolent" activities. What an outrage.

More bad news for NC's education situation:

I know a lot of people don't believe Leandro could or would be overturned, because it's been thrashed out in the NC Supreme Court twice now, not to mention all the lower court findings and precedence. But that doesn't mean diddly squat to a radical justice like Paul Newby. Mark my words, he will take whatever meandering legal course necessary to undermine and negate actions of previous Courts, and quality early childhood education will be (once again) only for the children of the wealthy.

I've got news for you: that's not really Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee snapped the real Chuck Norris' neck when (for some strange reason) they were fighting in the Coliseum in Rome. I saw it happen, several times. This man is an imposter, and he's an even worse actor than the original, which is also hard to believe.

More RWNJ harassment:

The video in question:

Mark Meadows is not just an idiot, he's a lying idiot. Show me a health plan for a 27 yo that costs $35. You might be able to get an AFLAC plan that will give you a few dollars if you happen to be injured by a traveling circus (but only if said circus has an African elephant instead of an Asian one) for that much, but that's about it. Anything goes in Congress these days.

On that forehead-smacking note, it's time for some realistic news:

:) That's funny, because it's smart. But this one is just plain funny:



If I understand correctly

that Mark Shiver is actually a paid state employee doing "research" for the criminally insane Jerry Tillman, then I am aghast.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014