Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start out with the meme of the week:

Jerry Tillman‏@jerrytillman Free stuff or Freedom. Pick one. You can’t have both. #ncpol

Says the man who's pulling in a retirement check as a former school administrator, and has pulled in close to a half-mil in campaign contributions from his other public job. But that's different...

AFPNC 9:47am via web
When are governments going to learn that they ought to butt out of the energy business? onforb.es/OawDZc #ncpol #ncga #ncgop

You might want to be careful what you ask for, since it's local governments and judges who are helping TransCanada steal land from American landowners to build your vaunted KeystoneXL pipeline. Come to think of it, I haven't seen a damned thing about that mentioned by AFP, JLF, or any other faux-Libertarian astroturfers.

PatMcCroryNC 7:03pm via TweetDeck
Looking forward to welcoming SC gov @nikkihaley to NC tomorrow to campaign with me in Fayetteville! #ncpol #ncgov

That hurts my brain just to think about it...

LeadershipInst 3:14pm via Buffer
Hey, #NCPOL -- free Get-Out-the-Vote Workshop with #LI this weekend in Greensboro: j.mp/SvcQ21 Sat, 9/22.

Yep, that's them. The same people I talked about three years ago in relation to the white supremacist invasion of UNC-CH. Which gives this a potentially ominous meaning:

Material covered includes:
Turning out voters
Coordination of Election Day activities
Use of absentee and early voting tools
Identifying and targeting voters
Organizing and recruiting new voters

It would almost be worth attending, just to see how painful the contortions are to say "Don't register black people" without actually saying it.

ConenMorgan 6:37pm via HootSuite
RT @thenation: BREAKING: The Chicago Teachers Union has voted to suspend the strike: tnat.in/dOwKH

Causing a deafening world-record breaker, as three hundred and fifty thousand schoolkids all took the Lord's name in vain simultaneously...

Okay, it's time to wind this thing down. I'm tired and hungry. Or tired of being hungry. One of those two. I'll leave you with this:

The Onion‏@TheOnion Government-Dependent Southerner Has Brief, Fleeting Thought About Not Voting For Romney, But Nah | More Politics News: http://onion.com/Ua3puB