Tuesday Twitter roundup

Yes, I realize it's Monday, but I've got three platefuls tomorrow, so:

Hopefully any "deal" he gets will still include some jail time. *sigh* If it ain't one thing, it's something else.

Author's note: I've been trying to collect Tweets over more than just one day, so some of the Tweets/commentaries may be somewhat dated. Instead of constantly revising, I'll give you what my thoughts were at the time, right or wrong:

Hmmm. I've been wondering which RWNJ Twit was behind that account...

I don't know, I wouldn't misunderestimate the level of ignorance dubya has achieved. Nor our ability to forget, which could end up giving us a Jeb in our future.

If people were honest, this would be a very common conversation. But most people aren't, at least when it comes to their true motivations.

A few wise words from Madi:

According to Senator Rucho, we should be concerned that if teenagers register to vote, they won't know that they can't actually vote until they reach the age of 18. They will be confused. Well, Senator Rucho, I am indeed confused. Why exactly should anyone vote for a person to represent them in government that is incapable of explaining to his own son that he has to be 18 to vote? Why should anyone vote for a man to serve in the North Carolina State Senate and have the ability to make our laws when he has to write a letter to the Board of Elections for clarification as to when his son can legally vote?

I'm not 16 or 17 years old. I'm 12 years old and I can see through this man's motives like a picture window. He wants to discourage young people from voting. Maybe it's because young people, in general, support things like marriage equality, women's rights, provisions for the poor and needy, funding for education, and strengthening the middle class. Could be, but Senator Rucho failed to give a good reason yesterday as to why eliminating teens to pre-register is a good idea, so all I can do is speculate. Whatever the reason, Senator Rucho believes insulting the intelligence of young people in the state of North Carolina, insulting the effectiveness of their teachers, insulting the ability of their parents to model citizenship, and insulting the people of Mecklenburg county and our whole state is a good idea.

I don't need you to protect me from confusion, Senator Rucho. I'm a functional human being. The only thing I am confused about is why anyone would want to re-elect you to represent them.

Please don't stop writing (and talking) about politics, Madison. You're not just a novelty or the zinger to a joke about McCrory. You're a strong and legitimate voice for how our state should function right now, and I don't give a rodent's rear-end if you can vote yet or not.

Right, because nothing says Christmas better than shaping history to meet your ideological needs.

Okay, now you're putting me in the unenviable position of having to defend this wanker. Rucho was referring to damage done directly to the US of A. So the 9/11 reference is accurate, but the Holocaust and Stalinist purges aren't. But even if we rule out US soldiers/citizens who died defending foreign soil from the Nazis, there are still tens of thousands of merchant marines and civilians who died from attacks on our shipping lanes by the Wolfpack before Hitler declared war on the US.

There's more than enough jackassery in Rucho's quote already, we don't need to expand it.

He's even crazier than you think:

Brannon serves as the medical director for Hand of Hope, a nonprofit that operates several North Carolina crisis pregnancy centers. At a recent Hand of Hope fundraiser, Brannon described the centers' clients as "little girls [who] don't understand what's going on to their bodies." He said he often presses these "little girls" to marry their boyfriends: "When I see little girls that come here, boyfriends that do show up are my favorites. Then I can whoop on them with love. How many people have we got married over the last 20 years just by riding that boy's rear end?"

But the site directs women to a website and telephone hotline run by Pregnancy Decision Line. The group's website falsely claims that morning-after pills can cause abortions and advises women not to "panic" and take a morning-after pill following unprotected sex unless she was sure ovulating. (Family planning experts advise women to take emergency contraception every time their primary birth control fails or they have unprotected sex.) The Pregnancy Decision Line suggests women visit a crisis pregnancy center before deciding whether to take a morning-after pill—without noting that many crisis pregnancy centers oppose the use of emergency contraception or mentioning that popular morning-after pills don't work 72 hours after unprotected sex.

Of course, this nut-job won't be around to help those "little girls" feed their children, since that would be such a "Marxist" thing to do. I'd love to have the media do a little follow-up with some of these happily-married teen mothers, just to see how their life is going.

The lie:

The truth:

This much seems certain: To the extent that the average North Carolina resident will notice much immediate change at all beginning on New Year’s Day, any such early changes are likely to be in the direction of new taxes.

For example, tickets to movie theaters will now be subject to a sales tax — though it will be up to individual theaters to decide whether to pass that charge along to customers or absorb it themselves. Sporting events, both professional and collegiate, will now also be subject to sales taxes on ticket sales — as will concerts, plays and museums.

Other increases won’t kick in until next July. Just one small example: Bread products sold at bakery thrift stores, which formerly were exempt from the standard 2 percent sales tax on food, will no longer be.

And on that sobering note, the Onion:

You're right, that's not as funny the longer you think about it. Try this:



No encore, please

Some slight variations on the hymn: Good King Wenceslas is replaced by Entrepreneur Wenceslas, and when he and his page executive assistant finally catch up with the peasant gathering wood for his fire, they get him to sign a mutually beneficial annual contract wherein he gathers wood for the entrepreneur as well, and doesn't have to pay for the wood he never had to pay for in the first place.