Tuesday Twitter roundup

See if you can spot the irony in this Tweet:

RickyDiazNC 1:32pm via Twitter for iPhone
Crafted with pride in USA towering over Carolina comeback rally at Copland Industries in Burlington. #ncpol #ncgov pic.twitter.com/Ps5xYmxA

The biggest threats to U.S. manufacturing are free trade policies and the ability of mega-corporations to offshore American jobs with no consequences, and the GOP fully supports both of these job-killing activities. But don't take my word for it, here's James Copland (of Copland Industries) himself:

In Free-Trade Chaos: Adios To U.S. Manufacturing, James Copland continues to define how U.S. trade policy has greatly hindered millions of Americans, as he went on to say, "Deeply flawed U.S. trade policy toward domestic manufacturing is the simple most important root cause of the illness. Every American deserves the right to provide for his family, to own a home, and to educate his kids; but, our flawed manufacturing and trade policies are taking this away." Most important of all, Copeland stipulates how the U.S. Constitution's Preamble are only words falling on Congressional politicians' deaf ears, as he claims, "Our Constitutional Preamble says, 'A government for the people, by the people.' We have forgotten about the words, 'for the people'." Sad to say, Copeland is correct in his assumptions, since throughout the centuries, U.S. Government has turned a blind eye towards American citizens, while rewarding the most affluent. "Greed" is the magic word to sum up all the miseries U.S. Government has reaped upon American society, since elite bureaucrats have sided not only with wealthy corporations, but they have ignored true prosperity of Americans by shipping jobs oversea; especially, to Communist nations like China.

Like other parts of the United States, North and South Carolinas have seen hundreds of mills closed, due to overloads of imports from China. Copeland explains the declining job base in this manner: "There are small towns where stores are closed with weeds growing up around them; but, you know it is really bad when you see the churches closing. Someone needs to think about the hard working people and what is happening to them. The big multinational companies, the importers, and big retailers have exactly what they want. They couldn't have written a book and had it more perfect for their world: ' Buy at the China price, sell at the U.S. price, and don't worry about whether the average American has a job, or he/she can make ends meet.' Their world is not what is good for America. I will tell you that if this thing doesn't stop, there will be no survivors. We will not have any manufacturing in the United States. When these plants are closed down, they are closed. If you don't run the equipment and keep it up, it deteriorates to nothing; but, the equipment is being sold. Pakistan is buying the equipment. People are selling it for 5 cents on the dollar. Nobody wants it. And let me tell you what is happening to the buildings, themselves. I was just down in Joanna, SC--- a huge mill town there that has been closed for five years. Why? Because they are going to sell the bricks, guys. They are going to sell the beams. So don't think that you are going to be able to say, 'Oh, boy, as soon as this thing is over, here we come back, it is going to be regeneration'."

I know a lot of people who used to work at Copland Fabrics.

On much the same note:

chriskromm 11:15am via TweetDeck
RT @Rob_Schofield: New report documents wage theft in North Carolina - Workers not paid for work they did shar.es/uMyoh #ncga #ncpol

And as long as the Republicans are in charge of the Legislature and the Department of Labor, you can expect absolutely nothing to be done about this problem.

pamspaulding 6:33pm via chrome-share
Wake school board fires Superintendent Tata - Wake County - NewsObserver.com bit.ly/RfN05n

What is it Republicans like to say? Elections have consequences? Something like that.

TravisFain 6:11pm via Twitter for Android
E. Bowles at wake forest tonight. Sen Burr in crowd. Says Bowles: "There are many days I say thank God he won."

As much as I dislike Burr, there are many times I've felt the same way. And those times usually follow a stupid-ass Bowles statement like the one above.

Jonathan Kappler‏@jonathankappler North Carolinians have given $11,357,456 to presidential campaigns through August 2012 http://bit.ly/QvL5cX #NCPOL

Contrasted with this:

NCDemParty 7:10pm via HootSuite
RT @NCCapTonight: Coming up: Casey Wilkinson, House Democratic Caucus, talks about state House races. Stay with us! #NCGA #ncpol

See what I'm driving at? *sigh* Get with the program, people. What I meant was: We're fighting for the General Assembly, too, and those races won't be won without support.

And here's your Onion, hopefully to be followed by a breath mint:

The Onion‏@TheOnion Today's president: John Adams, who was often mistaken for a hungry baby bird by mother starlings and force-fed worms http://onion.com/ORYuO7

It could be carbon monoxide or radon seeping in, but I just laughed so hard I got dizzy.


Copland, 2008

Although the writer of the article referencing Copland couldn't figure out the date of his remarks he actually made them at a May 22, 2008 hearing by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology, Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight called "American Decline or Renewal? - Globalizing Jobs and Technology"

He had a lot to say

I like the part about having to compete with foreign corporations who don't pay their workers well or safeguard the environment. The standard GOP response would be that we need to adapt those techniques here, but (James) Copland gets it. If we did that here, all it would do is further erode our lifestyle and economy.

It appears the son (Jason) has gobbled up the rhetoric from the right, and that doesn't bode well for the family business.


I am proud Copland and Glen Raven Mills still provide jobs
here. We lost 6000 Jobs from Kayser Roth and Burlington Industries. It hurt to pass so many empty plants in which I worked.
It is not regulation or taxes it is simple--Labor Costs.

Multi-nations make huge profits
making the product oversses and selling here. Wal-Mart ws catalyst for it.
clarence swinney burlington nc

clarence swinney


JuddLegum 9:08am via TweetDeck This Jack Nicklaus endorsement will finally allow Romney to crack into the "rich white men who play golf" demographic Retweeted by tmills2


check your clothing and tell

check your clothing and tell where it is made My docker shoes-China--My pants-India

clarence swinney