Tuesday Twitter roundup

Just a few friendly reminders as you're stacking the gifts under the tree:

Hunger is a commonplace problem all over the state where one in six people experienced hunger in 2012, slightly above the national average, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released this fall.

One in four North Carolinian children doesn’t have assured access to food, and North Carolina also has the undesirable distinction of having, along with Louisiana, the highest rates of children facing food shortages, according to the N.C. Association of Feeding American Food Banks.

Food banks and food pantries in the state have also seen steady increases this year, influxes attributed to a variety of factors but including the state’s July 1 rejection of federal unemployment aid for long-term jobless workers and a bungled launch of the N.C. FAST benefits system that prevented thousands from signing up or accessing their federally-funded food stamps.

It was not my intent to sap any of your holiday spirit, but merely to plant a seed that may germinate later. We spend a crazy amount of money on Christmas gifts to a relatively (that was a pun) small group of people. We'll go into debt, or further into debt, to make sure one of our seemingly dwindling happy occasions is as happy as is fiscally possible. But when it comes to giving to those who are truly in need, people we don't know, people we can't "identify with", people we're not likely to encounter in the normal course of our day, we're not willing to go into debt for that. If they get anything, it's a tiny fraction of what we can truly spare. That's not how things change, it's how they stay the same. Okay, sermon over.

First of all, weasels aren't "evil", they're pragmatic and goal-oriented. Secondly (and all joking aside), if it wasn't for Holder's vehement opposition to the disenfranchisement of certain classes of voters, the very fabric of our representative form of government would be at greater risk. If it's evil to defend Democracy, then I guess he is. And so am I.

Apparently they have a lot of drive-through auto parts stores in California...

We're waiting on pins and needles to hear whatever gibberish DAG McCrory has to say about this. Probably along these lines:


Or between the bible thumpers and the Constitution thumpers. Whatever the case, it's going to be a meme-fest of monumental proportions.

What he said. Ellmers is a bonafide idiot, but it's still going to take a massive effort to upend her seat. Maybe we can get Houston to come by and do a live blog or something...

One of the least logical arguments from the RWNJ fringe: those who refuse to tolerate intolerance are the real intolerants. Something about a speck in someone else's eye versus a beam in your own comes to mind, but I dasn't start quoting scripture lest I cast off my fine garments and don a ragged cloak and sandals and start roaming the lands. Way too cold for that right now.

I rarely throw away bad Christmas gifts, because there's always the off-chance the giver could stop by at some later date and ask how much I've enjoyed the pasta maker. But this one is going into the trash unread.


Voting By Mail: Despite the rhetoric about preventing fraud, H-589 increases access to what
experts across the political spectrum say is the preferred method of cheating in elections: mail-in
absentee voting. Republicans cast more mail-in ballots than Democrats in NC, and Americans
for Prosperity pushed to loosen the rules. Under the new law, candidates, parties, and advocacy
groups will be able to send pre-populated absentee ballot request applications to their preferred
voters. (“You can fight [Obamacare][the Tea Party] from the comfort of your home.”) It’s
unclear how this will unfold, but our state is clearly entering a new world of mail-in balloting.

Of course "True The Vote" has ignored the most dangerous potential voting fraud, because they're only in it to help Republicans win elections.

On that disgusting note, it's time for the newest holiday snack, the Onion:

Ehhh. That's just spooky. Here's another:

:) I needed that. It was almost a belly laugh, but it's been so long since I've had one I can't remember what it was like...


Santa update:

Now, wait a dang minute. I'm pretty sure Santa was over Barcelona around 18:30 hours EST. And since the Vulcan Science Directorate has concluded that time travel is impossible, one of these Santas is an imposter.

You don't think...

...the real Santa is coming to NC?

He'll send his stunt double until we get this crap straightened out.

Putin & Russia Wins Santa Peace Gift In 2013

What has Putin and Russia Done in 2013?
1. Stop a Major Global War over Syria
2. Bringing Iran to the Peace Table
3. Saving the Ukraine Goverment after a failed CIA Plot to destroy it in Chaos and Bankgangtors take over
4. Pardon all so-called Human Rights Protesters and Corporate Crooks to prove Russian has 50 times more Humanity than the USA Police State Agenda
5. Gave True Freedom to America's Greatest Hero Snowden about the NSA and the America Military Industrial Corporate Complex
6. And finally Putin expose the Owner of the New England Patriots that He didn't steal his Superbowl Ring when visting the USA

Putin 6 USA 0

What Gays in Russia is being Torture and Oppression?

None Dude! No doubt you are carrying the PR BS of the Corporate Gay Community in American and using it as a Red Scare threat like the Republicans.. Not one Gay has ever been arrested or imprison for " Crimes against Nature" like America. There is 34 Gay Night Clubs in Moscow alone that has never been raided or close for the past 20 years since the creation of the Russia Federation.

Your focus should be on why your freedom is being zapped in the American Police State Agenda instead of being a Water Boy for the phony attacks on the so-called anti-Gay laws of Russia which do not exsist except in the Religious viewpoints by Russian Citizens by the mainstream Corporate media of America

Easy there, Lizard

For anyone coming across Mr. Lizard Lick for the first time, we beg your indulgence. It takes some getting used to.

Merry Christmas one and all!

Right James!

It's tough being a Eagle among Turkeys, but sometimes it makes some folks think a little more than the Republicans which is a impossible task.. a little note on the Russian Pardons by Putin, He also Pardon 20,000 Russians for Crimes against the State at the same time as the high profile Pardons.. When has a American President Pardon that many people in one sweep of Justice for Humanity?

Meanwhile the Lizard is late for his daily meds program with Gov Pope and his world famous medical treatment of Waterboarding Enemies of the State as a cure all program to resist free speech in North Carolina..

Well, not exactly, Lizard

Russia decriminalized homosexual acts in 1993 under pressure from other European governments.

The government did pass legislation more recently forbidding "homosexual propaganda" which has been used to throw a number of gay activists in prison and has subjected foreign visitors to the country to fines and jail.

The law has also resulted in acts of violence against gays and lesbians, including a gas attack on a gay nightclub.

Wrong Answer Teddy!

Somehow your facts get confuse with Republican Anti-Gay Myths! You do understand that the Soviet Union does not exsist anymore since Russian discrimized the laws against themselves and not so-called BS European pressure. The Raid that you refer to on a Gay Night Club was conducted by a neo-Nazi terrorist group which is ban along with a former Communist Party Group. Both Groups members were arrested and convicted in the Russia Judical System and got 15 years to serve in very cold Eastern Russian Dentention Center. You would be better off attacking the Americans and Republicans who promote anti-Gay laws and their "State" Control Religious Groups..


Indeed, some of their laws and comments by Putin and legislators have encouraged some of this hateful behavior. They certainly share many of the negative views of their Republican counterparts in America. Rachel Maddow has done some good coverage of the American conservatives traveling to Russia to promote these gay bashing policies.

Another imposter, taken into custody

At least I hope it's an imposter...

Is it just me, or does that cop's body armor remind you of a conquistador's?