Tuesday Twitter roundup

As the GOP's misguided tax "reform" package begins to kick in, the debate of such ensues on Twitter:

And when the Legislature's own researchers tell the truth:

According to a recent analysis by the legislature's own Fiscal Research Division, a married couple with two children making $20,000 a year will go from receiving a $222 tax rebate in 2013 to owing $40 next year, a net swing of $262.

At the other end of the income scale, a married couple with two children making $250,000 will get a $2,318 tax cut in 2014, according to the analysis.

McCrory communications director Kim Genardo said the governor's statements referencing the new benefits to North Carolinians shouldn't be interpreted as applying to all taxpayers.

“He didn't say ‘every’ or ‘all,’” Genardo said. “You're taking it literally that we mean every single citizen, and we did not say ‘everyone.’”

Well then, it's time to manufacture some propaganda to even things out:

Courtesy of the Beacon Hill Institute, a propaganda mill previously specializing in producing anti-renewable energy claptrap. Why do they use them instead of one of their favorite go-to stink-tanks that specialize in tax-related bullshit? That's a good question. Somebody should ask them. They probably bought a package deal, so we can expect to see some "fresh" bullshit being presented soon on renewable energy.

Speaking of exposing bullshit:

The motives of these misogynistic twerps is blatantly obvious:

At the afternoon rally, N.C. Right to Life President Barbara Holt cited the recent legislative success: “Since we met last year, our legislature passed an omnibus pro-life bill that is just amazing in what it does.”

At the afternoon rally, House Speaker Pro Tem Paul “Skip” Stam, a Republican from Apex, urged the crowd to make sure their voices are heard as the state Department of Health and Human Services develops proposed regulations for the clinics.

Noting that abortion-rights advocates are already involved in the process, Stam said, “When the proposal comes out, we need you to let the department know that you want something stronger and better.”

And you can bet the train wreck known as the NC DHHS is going to have some real winners working on these proposed regulations. Which may explain why lawmakers like Stam haven't been pushing for the dismissal of Aldona Wos. They haven't got everything they want yet.

This one is mind-boggling:

Really? Somebody thinks donating the cap is a good idea, somebody else fails to notice it, and somebody else thinks the cap sitting on the head of an African-American child is just fine. Either there's a whole bunch of idiots associated with that school, or some heartless bigots.

Which the Republican majority-led US House passed 359-67. Idiot.

Not one to be left behind in the mad scramble to jump on the Obamacare three-wheeled wagon, Rucho fashions it into a double-whammy:

“Matt Arnold is just another trial lawyer who fills our courts with frivolous lawsuits that hurt the job-creating businesses and working families of our district,” Rucho said. “It should surprise no one that he doesn’t understand 1) Obamacare is wrecking our health care system and 2) Obamacare is a grave threat to our economy and personal freedom. …

Just a fair warning: if you say Obamacare three times in the same sentence, both the Candyman and Beetlejuice will magically appear in your bathroom to riffle through your prescriptions and stomp on any generics they find. It's a problem.

Oh. Dear. God. I can't do it. I can't open that link, because I can't afford to blow one of the little PVC pipes running through my head.

Right, because you're such a staunch supporter of MLK's ideas. ;) That's actually a reverse straw-man logical fallacy, in which you misrepresent your own position. But that species of straw-man doesn't need to be torn down, he collapses from his own lack of substance. But please keep on twisting sister, because it's mildly entertaining. Like watching a kitten jump away from its own shadow.

That's painfully redundant. If you had left out the second superfluous "Party", you could have spelled out the words "are" or "with", not to mention the missing "e" in hav. I'm just saying.

This nut-job also had an AR-15 in his possession when he was taken into custody. Which he may have purchased legally, since it appears a prior felony charge was pled down to misdemeanors. There's a lesson to be learned there, but I have doubts that it will.

May have to resurrect this Tweet after the Primary. You know, so conservatives won't forget how much they hate Tillis right now, in comparison to the fucking lunatics they'd like to send to DC.

"Hey, look! Phil Berger's at the...uh, never mind. It's Junior. Keep driving."

I seem to be arcing into the humorous, so I'll let the really funny people finish this for me. Onion:

It's about damn time. :)


Possible new weekly feature:

I'm thinking of starting a "Facebook Foibles" thingie, where we get a snapshot of brilliant retorts like this one:

Marcus Kindley the enviromentalist have stopped and hurt economic developement in the USA, it is just a fact, alternative fuels don't work and are not economical, a quick look at Europe shows that fact as they were the first to be ran over by the Greens. If enviromentlist truely meant what they say, they'd be sitting in the dark, freezing... but they as most progressive haters and communist think that they should be the ruling class and have what they want and need as they are the one's who know what is best for everyone else. Poor North Dakota, what silly people there.

Meh. There is such a thing as too much exposure to ignorant ramblings. I'm pretty sure doing this Twitter thing has already adversely affected my ability to do simple things like make sure I have all my important shit on me before walking out to my car (keys, wallet, sunglasses. etc.). I had to make four trips back into the house the other day, and three of those trips required shutting off the engine of my car, and one of those required pulling forward again after backing up several feet. These are the sacrifices I make for you readers...