Tuesday Twitter roundup

More details on Duke Energy's coal ash spill:

Note to reporters: this is not just a "North Carolina river", it originates in Virginia and crosses the state line a couple of times before ending back in Virginia. And this contamination is headed for downtown Danville as we speak, if it hasn't already arrived. Not one of our finest hours.

I don't even know where to start...

Of course, it's always about the money:

The first event will be in the early evening at the home of Wilmington-resident and well-known businessman Scott Sullivan and his wife Jane. Immediately following that event, Majority Leader Cantor and Rouzer will travel to Wallace, NC for an evening reception at the home of Wendy and Dell Murphy. The Murphy family is best known throughout the state for their major success in pork production.

How very appropriate, since Cantor is quite adept at producing pork himself, regardless of how he rants and raves about earmarks. The F-35 Fighter "replacement engine" is (literally) the Rolls-Royce of pork projects, a multi-billion-dollar boondoggle that Cantor has been trying to shove down the throats of taxpayers and an unwilling Department of Defense for years. I'm sure he and the Murphy's will get along nicely.

Okay, I have to get this off my chest before proceeding: "mislead" is the present-tense form, while "misled" is the past-tense. If you mislead people now, they will look back and realize you misled them.

Now for the content of the Tweet: Greg Brannon is probably toast now. And I am using the "scorched sliced bread" form of the word as opposed to the "raised glass of alcoholic beverage to call attention to a declaration of support and camaraderie" form of the word.

Blithering idiot doesn't quite cover it:

Ellmers isn’t impressed by her celebrity challenger. “As we know he doesn’t always fare all that well,” she said. “He was runner up.”

“Let me just get this clear,” the radio host said. “I want to make sure we have this right. You are saying that Clay Aiken couldn’t even win American Idol and his career is in the in the toilet, so that’s why he’s now desperately trying to get to Congress.

Ellmers responded, “Well, and you know, you can throw in there that he (couldn’t win on Celebrity Apprentice). ... So I guess the next step is Congress.

As much as I detest being forced to wave the reality television flag: somewhere around 12 million people voted for Clay in the final round of American Idol. Less than a hundred thousand voted for you, and God knows how many of those now regret that choice. I was going to add, "The best thing you can do is keep yer yap shut about Clay being runner-up, since many of your constituents were rooting for him." But Renee is simply not smart enough to avoid that blunder.

Hager wouldn't know a scientific fact if it slapped him across the face. Or flooded his beach property.

Either that graphic has some inappropriately erotic undertones, or I really need to get back in the dating game again...

And here's the more:

Notable and Quotable

"I also want to talk about Pat McCrory. It's so excellent what he's doing in North Carolina. It's incredible. I'm just so happy that he's doing what he's doing." (Caller named Jamie from Chapel Hill, The Rush Limbaugh Show, January 30, 2014)

Oh, well, if Jamie from Chapel Hill likes McCrory, maybe we've all been wrong, eh?

That's not the craziest thing I've heard all year...okay, that's the craziest thing I've heard all year.

Go if you can, tell us about it if you do:

N.C. State University will screen it Wednesday night at the Hunt Library as part of a presentation on the North Carolina coast and climate change that will include a panel discussion.

Then, on Thursday night, there will be two screenings in Durham at the Full Frame Theater, sponsored by the environmental group The N.C. Coastal Federation. There also will be a panel discussion after the second showing that night.

Another misleading "factoid." NC decided years ago to increase the state's "share" of education funding over counties, while most other states still have a 50/50 ratio. Naturally, that will make it appear the NCGA is ranked higher than many of its counterparts, when in fact the total spending is dismal at best.

On that depressing note, it's Onion time:

Yeah, it's a real problem. ;/


Poor Charlotte

I know many of you have already seen this, but it needs to be archived here for posterior. Posterity. Whatever.

Here's the problem with Duke Energy

If Duke Energy is eventually found to be guilty of contaminating the Dan River and will be charged fines and have pay outs, that will eventually mean more and more raises in our electricity bills. I mean, be honest. Who pays the bills for Duke Energy? Users? Taxpayers?