Tuesday Twitter roundup

And...what is that vision? To keep everybody guessing as to what may happen next?

Go right ahead and (try to) do that. It was an apt analogy and I stick by it. The NC GOP recklessly and with overt contempt have thrown teachers under the bus, taking money out of traditional public schools, doing away with tenure, forcing teachers into a temporary contract formula, and doing their level best to pit teachers against each other with a "bonus" system that will leave the majority wanting. And when teachers and their supporters reacted with disapproval of this behavior with high-exposure and well-attended protests, the NC GOP realized it had gone too far and would likely suffer for it when voters turn out in November.

So now it's time for the "valuable gift" that will make teachers forget about the previous pain, which is where the "abusive husband" analogy comes in. And it fits, no matter how much you right-wing nutters twist around.

Is that right? Where did you see this, Dana? Where did you see ANY Democrat say that state employees other than teachers should not get a raise? I'll tell you where you saw it, nowhere. You're just making shit up now, like every other Republican lackey.

Speaking of Republican lackeys:

Um, yeah, if you want to know how effective talk radio is in political campaigns, you might want to ask Bill Flynn. Just saying.

A lot of empty spots there, folks. I realize it's just the first day and all that, and I haven't started freaking out yet, but...

Um, yeah, I mean, no. You don't really represent the people until the people actually elect you. Until then, you represent the appointers.

Okay, let me get this straight...nevermind.

Hey, wait! I said the thing about the abusive husbands! Remember that? Oh, man. I didn't even get my full fifteen minutes of RWNJ fame. ;/ You people have the attention span of a damned tsetse fly.

"Right, so that leaves 22% that may have a legitimate complaint with the President." See what I did there? That's the verbal equivalent of me taking the knife out of an assailant's hand and carving an "S" on their cheek with it. And with that little bit of bragging, I lost whatever cool points I earned with the clever rejoinder. ;/ I just can't get ahead.

Again, it's only 140 characters. Takes like seven seconds to proofread. *sigh*

Addendumb: during McCrory's latest snowmaggedon news conference a few minutes ago, he announced that Skvarla has asked the judge who is reviewing the (bullshit) coal ash settlement agreement with Duke Energy to postpone his decision. Whether that's because McCrory and Skvarla are no longer satisfied with the agreement (as McCrory implied) or because they're afraid the judge will reject it due to the furor over the Dan River spill (likely reason) is not known at this time.

On that toxic note, it's time for some Onion:



Smack down

Good ones all around.