Tuesday Twitter roundup

Everybody's a critic:

If by "elevating the dialogue" you mean ignoring all but the worst examples of prejudicial human behaviors, and/or trying to carry on an intelligent conversation with somebody who would conceal their bigotry by spinning a convoluted argument that employs slippery-slopes that don't exist and red herrings marrying bluefin tuna (or is it tunas?), then no. We won't be elevating the dialogue anytime soon.

p.s. I realize this is going to print digital very early in the morning, but don't get used to it. I had a very unsettling dream about talking animals trying to lure me into complex and dangerous machinery, and the prospect of falling back to sleep for Chapter Two of that saga had me abandoning my warm bed gladly.

Speaking of nightmares:

Before you start laughing, don't forget we elected Bush the Younger. Twice. So apparently being dumber than a box of rocks isn't necessarily a detriment if you have Presidential aspirations.

Which, in any sane world, would signal the end of a political career. But right-wing nut-jobs don't live in a sane world, they live in a world where gathering piles of money around you, however that is accomplished, is something to be admired. And the investors who lost money due to Brannon's activities? They're just losers who should have been smart enough to avoid getting ripped off.

Until it is.

This is a few days old, but words like these don't have a "use by" date:

The bottom line: The notion advanced by many concerned folks that Pope has effectively “bought” North Carolina’s state government in recent years may be a bit of an understatement. A more accurate characterization might be that he has simply merged it into his own private political/corporate empire.

And for those who would say, "The average voter doesn't know who Art Pope is", I would say, "Then we need to keep talking about it, because the average voter should know who Art Pope is."

What's not visible in this image is the empty teacher's desk.

Okay, the jury's still out on handkerchiefs, although they all agree the connotation is somewhat nasty. But lapel pins? Lapel pins are out. You can't trust a man with a lapel pin, because it's plain he's trying to distract you. Don't even get me started on cufflinks...

Yeah, he is kinda cute. But word has it he's an informer for the FSB, so you might want to keep the casual conversation Olympic-related, and don't laugh at any shirtless Putin pictures on your smart phone.

And a bonus Sochi Tweet, in celebration of those who scoff at gravity:

Yes, you're right. People do some crazy stuff.

See if any of these sound familiar:

Taking charter school authorization away from local school boards in favor of a statewide advisory committee, that a governor can pack with pro-voucher people.

Promoting climate change denial in education.

Certifying individuals with no education background as teachers, a move that would weaken the quality of education, that fails to recognize there is more to teaching than knowledge of a subject, and that would undermine the role and competitiveness of professional teachers.

Eliminating tenure for teachers in favor of "performance," allowing districts to fire older teachers in favor of lower-cost young teachers.

I consider it a massive failure on the part of reporters who hang out in the Legislature that ALEC bills aren't pinpointed, analyzed and discussed. The origins of other bills are pursued, why not these? The people deserve to know where their laws are coming from, and that their elected officials are having their term papers written for them.

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

My God. I have become an Onion joke...

Here's another one, to take my mind off that one:



Don't laugh

Before you laugh at the prospect of Pat running for Prez, just remember that, in the current Republican party, it doesn't necessarily mean the candidate - or his backers and handlers - think they can win or necessarily want to win.

For the candidate, just running for the office is a way to secure your financial future for the next few years as a "personality" for the party with books, speaking engagements, and offering your punditry services to outlets like FoxNews.

For the backers, it's a way to have your mouthpiece out there putting your talking points across in the national media, even after the campaign is over.

Heck, in the Republican Party, you can just make a punditry career out of teasing the public into thinking you're going to run - just look at Sarah Palin.

Even if McCrory denies a Presidential bid or is vague about it, the appearance on WBTV is probably a little "trial ballon". Remember this post I made awhile back?

What I don't understand is,

McCrory's first year as Governor has been a comedy of errors, from laughingly inappropriate personnel choices to malfunctioning state agencies. In what crazy backwards universe would that make him suitable for managing the whole country?

Think about ..

.. what you just said and consider this list of candidates in the 2012 primaries:

Michelle Bachmann
Herman Cain
Rick Santorum
Rick Perry
Newt Gingrich

There is that