Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with an unfortunate truth:

The short answer? North Carolina's outdated yet persistent patriarchal society is well-represented in our business community, and those wealthy (white) men are loath to give up their dominance by nominating or supporting women candidates for office. Aside from the sexist angle, these men fear the variables that would result, like the propensity for doing the right thing. Don't like that opinion? Prove me wrong. Please.

Senator McKissick holds Master's degrees from both UNC-Chapel Hill and Harvard, and a Juris Doctorate from Duke University. I wonder who he pulls for when Duke plays Carolina? Not all Senatorial incumbents are running to keep their seats this year:

Before we begin digging into the (real) reason for this change of heart, NC Dems need to make sure there is a "D" candidate prepared to run for this seat. Tick-tock, tick-tock...

Ehhh. There's a very short list of people on the Eastern Seaboard who talk more than I do, and lieutenant Dan is at the top of that list. Here's a clue: when your commentary on a subject is so long it needs to be parked in the Cloud on a Scribd document (I'm not sure what either of those things are, by the way), you may want to set some limitations on yourself.

Dude, it doesn't make a bit of difference if Kay does or does not attack the Koch Brothers for spending in North Carolina, or whether she also gets money from out-of-state donors. AFP has been flooding the television with the same old irritating ads, and people know how expensive these things are. If you're embarrassed about such blatant corporate involvement in North Carolina elections, tell it to the oil barons.

And every time Art Pope allows him to speak or even go out in public where human beings congregate, it's going to get worse.

I missed this, but I do love me some Diane, so I'm going to have to listen to the wav file.

I've got two words for ya, sister: West Virginia. We could spend weeks just trying to come up with an outline to cover all the crazy.

Unless John is talking about NC DHHS specifically, I'm going to have to call bullshit without even reading his cherry-picked data.

That moment when you realize you've only scratched the surface on conspiracy theories, and a whole new level of craziness is just a Google click away...

Yes, and jumping over a campfire is safer than rolling over one, but they're both pretty f#%king stupid. Next comparison: frying pan or fire? The answer will surprise you.

Speaking of pretty f#%king stupid:

Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, the idiots running N. Korea, et al, all mass murderers, each held to the tenants of Darwinism…as it suited their heinous plans. (Maybe not the 20 year old general running N. Korea. Not yet.)

You have to know Evolutionism/Darwinism is a fellow traveler with Nazism/communism/ socialism/liberalism or you won’t understand what is happening to the little girl in Boston. Her story is too long for even a brief synopsis here. She has been hospitalized and separated from her parents because the apparatchiks in Boston child services and the hospital, working together, CAN permanently hospitalize her and separate her from her parents. So they have.

Tyranny stinks and it is everywhere. John Wilkes Booth was really screwed up, but his words uttered as he leaped from the Presidential Box in Ford’s Theater (although misapplied that night) are timely today.

Look up Justina’s story. It’s unbelievable, which is a word you hear endlessly utilized to describe events in modern America. Something is wrong and we need to fix it.

Yeah, I clicked the link so I could learn something about Justina's situation, but all I got was a nonsensical diatribe about how Evolutionism is directly linked to Communism, or something equally insane. The real crime here is that you robbed me of four minutes and twenty seven seconds of my life, and I want them back.

But since time travel is either impossible or dangerously unwise, I'll have to settle for some Onion:

Apparently I'm still frustrated over that RWNJ link, so let's try again:

Now that is funny. :)


"Where are the women in North Carolina politics?"

Pretty sure that was a rhetorical question but:
1) Sitting in a US Senate seat (Hagan)
2) Our last governor (Perdue)
3) Arguably our best or second best Dem statewide prospect (Janet Cowell)
4) Our current interim Democratic party leader (Casey Mann)

Not exactly proportionate but pretty good representation at the top for our party.

And the other side lets total nut jobs like Foxx & Ellmers represent..... ;)

The short answer? North

The short answer? North Carolina's outdated yet persistent patriarchal society is well-represented in our business community, and those wealthy (white) men are loath to give up their dominance by nominating or supporting women candidates for office. Aside from the sexist angle, these men fear the variables that would result, like the propensity for doing the right thing.

Well said, scharrison. That same astute comment also applies to our own five NCDP executive officers. One woman, four men.

It's not like women ran and lost for those positions....

There are plenty of Democratic women around the state from young to old. Not just in Democratic Women, but in Democratic Men, Young Dems, AAC, etc. And there are 6 Executive Officers - 5 are elected. One is appointed. Randy Voller doesn't even get credit for re-appointing Muriel Offerman!

None of them ran.

There are however many women in the Executive Council. 3 of the 13 District Chairs are women. Of the 8 Auxiliary groups, 3 are led by women. 38 out of 98 county chairs are women.

People have to run for office in order to be elected...

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I'm proud to say...

....there are Democrat Women running in 4 of the 6 local Rutherford County races.


My point is that women aren't recruited as strongly as male candidates are within our party. Your stats, Chris, prove my point. Women are underrepresented and it would be groundbreaking if male democrats worked to reverse this instead of ignoring the issue. You yourself chose to run against Kristine Cole over Lindy Brown's vacancy as Wake County first chair seat a couple years back. I spoke out in support of Kristine during the convention so that there would at least be 3 women out of the 9 positions on our county board, an embarrassment when compared to the Wake GOP who had twice more women officers than we did.

Why aren't more male democrats concerned about this imbalance and more importantly, why aren't they doing anything to help rectify it? Scharrison is among the very few.

I chose to run against Kristine Cole....

...because the primary responsibility of the 1st Vice Chair is to organize precincts.

Our precinct organization scheme was great in 2008, but it went downhill from there. That's why I ran - because I believed I could to a better job than Kristine.

And I remember not more than 6 months after she won, several people who wore Cole stickers in April 2012 told me they wished they'd voted for me instead.

Kristine never showed up to any board meetings until just before she was endorsed by Lindy. She didn't even know the names of the 13th District Chair or the County Party Secretary - and she wanted to be 1st Vice Chair?

I had been active in the party longer than Kristine. I had organized more precincts, and done more work across the entire party especially in 2008. I knew more about how the party operates than Kristine. I learned that by being a precinct chair and doing various jobs in the party that needed being done. I think I did them well. I did them well enough to worry some people, and that explained the character assassination by a certain political consultant who was no doubt worried about my objecting to his getting more contracts to misprint political mailers. You remember the 2009 "Board of Election" mailers, don't you Catherine?

I believe in bringing people into the party and showing them the ropes. But I don't believe in coddling people - let them earn their rewards. If two candidates are equally qualified and one is a minority, I'd hire the minority.

I remember talking to a female Young Dem at a Mansfield meet and greet back in early 2013. She came up to Blaise and I and introduced herself and said she wanted to get more active in the Party. We asked her what her precinct number was - she gave it to us - and Blaise and I both knew her precinct wasn't organized. We told her if she wanted to take a leadership position where she can learn and grow with the party she could walk right into that one. She said it would be too much work. She wanted to be involved but not work.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Let me take that back

I didn't run for that office to run against Kristine Cole. Kristine Cole wasn't even in the picture when Lindy Brown was thinking of running for NC House.

I was running because the precinct organization wasn't being done as well as it should have been. Back in 2008, I worked as part of a team lead by then 1st Vice Chair Blaise Strenn who set the gold standard for that office. We started our 2008 precinct organization process in mid 2007 for the 2008 election year - proving that you can do more than just work on the next election. We were on target to organize between 160-180 precincts that year and would have done that had it not been for problems the NCDP had with precinct organization in Mecklenburg County that year. With all the last minute BS foisted on us, we hit 145 solidly organized precincts that were ready to go to work for 2008. That's why we had greater voter turnout and more actual ballots cast than Mecklenburg County which had more registered voters.

County Chairs that succeeded Doris Weaver were not putting enough resources into precinct organization so that the 1st Vice Chair could do their job. But sadly, too many 1st Vice Chairs don't feel they can speak up or raise this issue. I am not a shrinking violet and I would speak up about it and ask the board to give me the resources I need to organize more precincts. As one of the architects of the original "District Coordinator" plan, I would be the Chair of the Precinct Organization Committee made up of District Coordinators, and I would not have accepted a DC plan that left nearly 1/3 of Wake County's 200 precincts go without being covered by a District Coordinator.

I was also running because we had County Party Chairs hiring consultants under no-bid contracts without taking a vote on it or putting together a strategic plan that the CEC voted on. I've already written about the money spent on the 2009 "Board of Elections" mailer for the "Board of Education" race - a no-bid deal that was never put before the board for a vote. I wanted to make sure that Wake Dems got the best deal possible, and that there was enough oversight so that we didn't tens of thousands of dollars for a mailer that made us a laughingstock around the state.

I was running because our record keeping and other administrative functions had been going down-hill for years. Our best Executive Directors were detail-oriented fiends and kept accurate records of organized precinct officers and delegates so we knew exactly where we stood when we needed to hold meetings and take votes. Those accurate records made it possible for me to have full sign, slate card and poll greeter coverage at 100% of Wake's 198 precincts (in 2008) when I ran the day to day operations of the Wake GOTV program. With adequate resources and accurate records, we were able to make plans months in advance and fully execute them (unless there was interference and poaching from campaigns - like OFA). Now we are working with records many can't trust, and we are forced to work in last-minute, seat-of-the-pants, hyper-manic, dog ate my homework, campaign mode.

I wanted a vote on the Board to change those things and more. I didn't chose to run against Kristine Cole - she just happened to also be running. However, those folks who objected to me the loudest (like Perry "White Knight" Woods, and his other friend) chose to take offense. Chris Telesca as 1st Vice Chair would mean we'd be actually writing a strategic plan and putting it to a vote of the CEC. There would be no Chairs making their own plans and not having them approved by the Executive Council.

There would not be any PACs or other groups of big donors giving the Wake County Democratic Party money with the condition they hire Perry Woods for no-bid "strategic services" in 2013 or 2014 without a vote of the board. If we object to "no-bid" contracts that Aldona Wos gives to her friends and political cronies, why don't we object to them in the Democratic Party?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

OH, please spare us, Catherine.

Women aren't recruited? By men, I suppose? Do they have to be persuaded to take off the apron and run? By men? Men should work to make this happen? Men should rectify it?

How about if women who want to run for elected office get themselves down to the Board of Election and file? How about women in their precinct and county parties run for office themselves?

Are you trying to sound like a feminist? Because you don't. You sound like a frail asking the big, strong men to open the door for them. That is pathetic.

Knee-jerk much, EJ?

What's pathetic are the percentages and the facts/stats speak for themselves. Scharrison sees it as the problem it is but obviously you can't so you attack in pejorative terms. Are you trying to sound like a sexist idiot? Because you do.

Expect women to get a free ride much, Catherine?

You said "if male democrats worked to reverse this instead of ignoring the issue. " That is what I addressed, I did not insult you. If Chris wanted to run against a woman, should he have stepped aside and let her run unopposed, just because you spoke up for the woman? How is that a feminist position?

If the percentages embarrass you, recruit women yourself, or run yourself.

The stats and percentages will improve when women step up and run. Don't ask men to make it happen for them.

Man, EJ, you just don't get it.

Man, EJ, you just don't get it. The percentages should embarrass you too. The fact that they don't speaks volumes about you and the sad future of our party if things don't change.

This isn't a womens problem, its a party problem. Chris was seeking the first vice chair seat that should be held by a female when the chair is male. Granted a vacancy does not have to follow this bylaw requirement, it definitely matters when women are disproportionately underrepresented....and when the Wake GOP is more inclusive of women officers than Dems are. Apparently my comments were well received as Telesca lost by a profoundly wide margin.

FYI, I'm not asking for men to do a damn thing other than consider women as viable candidates and recruit them just as they do male candidates. That, and at least vote for these women candidates when they run. Sheesh.

Delusions of grandeur

I lost by a wide margin because two people - including a good friend of yours - were actively out there spreading garbage about me that was repeated in the meeting.

But thankfully, I also knew what else he was going to be introducing, and so allowed him to take his first shot at me. I threw myself on the grenade, and by the time Perry tried the same crap against your hero David Parker, people were tired of his dirty politics, and he had to withdraw his motion.

That's why I lost. But many people told me within a few months that they wished they'd voted for me originally and wished I had won. Because Kristine wasn't doing the job very well. Precinct organization was a mess. And by the way - you do know that the convention is the responsibility of the 1st Vice Chair - including balloting and ballot reconciliation and security. In other words, you can blame her for the mess that was the SEC ballots in April 2013. The ballot tampering you complained about would never have happened with me as 1st Vice Chair.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Chris, you're wrong

The first vice chair elected at the April 2013 convention was Marjorie Harris, not Kristine Cole. Kristine was no longer in charge of the SEC ballot process. As for errors in the ballot instructions, ballot counting and security, those duties were handled by Paulette Hill, not Kristine Cole.

FYI, the ballot tampering was finally divulged by Dan Blue only after Kristine Cole put forth a motion at the May 2013 CEC meeting to correct the corrupted election. And worse, Blue ended the meeting before my motion to throw out the corrupted election was to be voted on. How hard is it to do the right thing? For some, its damn near impossible.

No Catherine - you are wrong

I know that Marjorie was elected 1st Vice Chair at the April 2013 Convention.

But Kristine Cole was the 1st Vice Chair who planned and was responsible for putting together the convention that day, per Section 2.05 of the NCDP POO:

2. Plan and organize county executive committee meetings and county conventions;

As for blaming Paulette Hill - where in the NCDP POO is there a section for County Executive Director?

Part of the planning and organization of the aforementioned meetings is figuring out how many ballots are going to be needed, what names need to go on the ballots, where you will store them BEFORE and AFTER they are needed so you don't have problems with fraud, how to distribute them to qualified voters, etc.

You can't very well expect someone who just got elected to execute ballot security measures that were not planned beforehand.

If you believe that Paulette was responsible for ballot security and counting, why are you giving Dan Blue such grief? Paulette was working under Kristine in setting up the meeting and should have been given instructions BEFORE the meeting on ballot instructions, ballot security.

As far as your motion to throw out the corrupted election, it wouldn't have accomplished anything. Dan and others who went over the ballots together after the tampering was discovered determined that the results of the election were the same - there was no change in the elected SEC members. I agree that future security of ballots does need to be MUCH better.

But sometimes it is very hard to do the right thing. Problem is - I do not agree that the right thing would be to throw out that election. There was no change in the female SEC members elected. And I and many other members suspect that the whole ballot tampering thing was more about making some folks look bad than changing the results of the election.

This incident proved that we do need more secure ballot security procedures - something I've always supported. Like when there is direct and substantial evidence of someone actually tampering with a ballot. You know - like a certain someone walking around a previous CEC/Convention meeting and asking folks to show her their ballot - and then either cancelling some votes and casting votes for others. Why anyone would hand their ballot to anyone else and let them mark it for them is beyond me. All ballots should be marked by a voter then deposited into a locked ballot box by the voter with no interference.

It was very funny for me at the May 2013 CEC meeting to watch two people complain about this issue who were enemies in the past. And at one past CEC meeting, one of them committed ballot tampering in plain site - and the other one witnessed it. They say that politics makes strange bedfellows!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

No news flash that Chris is in denial

Chris, I know you're fishing for info about the petition. You'll not get it from me.

Since when is stating facts tantamount to blaming? Kristine as 1st VC did a fine job of putting the county convention together. At the moment of Marjorie's election as 1st VC, Kristine is no longer in charge nor responsible for anything as the former 1st VC. At this point, the only 2 links between these two VCs is Paulette Hill, the WCDP exec director, and Dan Blue who was re-elected chair moments before.

To put it bluntly, the SEC ballots had instruction errors, names left off the ballot and the wrong number of SEC seats to vote for on both mens and womens ballots. Paulette was in charge of adding the names as the contact for SEC candidacy. Bluntly, she left names off the ballot. Voting instructions were wrong and Dan had to announce to convention delegates to mark their ballot forms with the correct info so they wouldn't neither under-or over-vote for delegates which could cause ballots to be set-aside for over-voting. Stop grinding your axe at Kristine over your election loss to her and face the facts. As newly elected 1st VC, all Marjorie was required to do was insure the SEC ballots were gathered and secured through Paulette until the ballots could be counted at a later date. Not exactly a herculean task for a newly elected 1st VC.

As exec. director Paulette Hill was required to maintain a secure chain of custody of the ballots which did not happen. There were a great number of problems with this as detailed in the petition -- of which I am not a co-signer. Because my ballot was so obviously tampered with, I will simply be one of many witnesses at the CoR hearing... should that CoR hearing ever occur. Randy, as chair, has yet to follow the Plan of Organization's timeline requirements to hold a hearing on the petition that was MONTHS ago back in June 2013. Petitioners have asked for copies of evidence crucial to preparing their case for the hearing and have been denied by David Sherlin and Dan Blue III.

It's unfortunate that Dan is more concerned with protecting his reputation and political future from the potential embarrassment of exposing his mismanaging the SEC election and hiding it from the convention delegates and CEC members instead of doing the right thing. Insuring fair elections is a key tenant to Democrats. Dan chose to sweep that under the rug and but that lump is way too big to be ignored.

Ask yourself, if it were someone other than Dan Blue, would you let him off that easy?

Um, Catherine?

Why are you asking men to do the recruiting and considering? Are they are in charge of the women? Are they in charge of the Party? Do they decide? Your assumptions reek of inferiority.

The PoO makes it necessary to "equalize" the offices in odd numbered years, you admit that did not apply when Chris ran, but you still expected exceptional treatment for the woman candidate. Why?

And should everyone not vote for the best candidate, male or female, running?

Nighty night, EJ.

When four out of five officers are male, term after term, and you don't see that as a problem, it can only be because you refuse to. When the situation is to your advantage, of course you're going to deny problems exist. Same old same old.

Wake County does have a Democratic Women's chapter, correct?

Shouldn't the Democratic Women do more to encourage more women to run for public and party offices?

I suspect this problem you feel we men have will work itself out in the future, because if you look at the younger Dems coming up, they have pretty close gender balance in the officer ranks of their groups.

Of course, there may also be OTHER issues as to why more women don't run for other offices. But of course, running isn't the same as winning. How do you propose to get more women to WIN elections and not just run?

The weird thing is - when women do run against men in public offices, they tend to win.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

It's not really weird, if you think about it

Women make up (at least) half of the voting public, and the voting booth is one of the only truly "private" venues where they can put their desires into action.

If we want our Party to be successful, not only in elections for office but also growing the ranks and getting more precincts organized, we have to demonstrate that the Democratic Party is (itself) representative of the population. So, in that context, yes, Democratic men need to do more than sit back and see who comes forward. We need to encourage, support, sympathize, empathize, cajole, or whatever else it takes to promote women into politics, both electoral and structural.

It's the right thing to do, and it's also the right thing to do. Doesn't get much better than that.