Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start out with some words of wisdom:

tkecarofusfirst 4:32pm via web
RT @OFA_NC: RT @OFA_NC: .@JoeBiden: We need to reward businesses for insourcing, not outsourcing jobs to other countries #ncpol #readyforjoe

Whoever wrote that part of the speech needs a raise. Whoever wrote this next part, however, needs to be not only fired, but should pay back every penny he (it must be a he) has been paid for putting words together:

tori_bragg 4:41pm via web
RT @RobLockwood: RT @RobLockwood: N&O: Biden Says the Middle Class Has Been Buried Over Last 4 years, GOP Agrees projects.newsobserver.com/under_the_dome… #ncpol #rednc

I don't want to rub salt any deeper into the wound, but you know. Damn. Sam, didn't you follow this guy around a few years ago? Or were you following Phish? I can't remember. But if you find yourself behind him again, one thump on the back of the head for me, if you don't mind.

vrobinson 8:43am via Tweet Button
Dear Leader Hayes Soviet style leadership wp.me/p2s2ID-4m via @Publius2013#ncgop #gop #tcot #consnc #ncteaparty #ncga #ncpol

I usually don't follow Vernon's links (he is crazy, you know), but some of our anti-establishment Republican readers might find this interesting, so...

We’ve got a state Chairman who keeps telling us he’s the boss. My dad used to say that if you had to keep telling people you were in charge, you probably weren’t. Dear Mr. Hayes’ leadership skills would work best in a Soviet-bloc country. He demands everyone follow his lead even when he’s wrong and openly ridicules and intimidates any opposition when in closed-door meetings. Unfortunately, we’ve got some county leadership that also won’t accept any dissent in their ranks. Even I’m not right 100% of the time!


meckcommish 6:14pm via Twitter for iPad
Managers stated opinion was to take "no action" e.g. Leave benefits for homosexuals as is using tax dollars. #meckbocc #ncpol ncga

Yeah, that's because they're not an insane fucking bigot like you are, Bill.

MelissaAPrice 6:11pm via HootSuite
Sitting at Greensboro City Council meeting, Citizens United resolution to be heard soon! #citizensunited #ncpol

And I guarantee somebody's going to end up being ejected from said meeting.

ECGreaves 6:20pm via TweetDeck
RT @jonathankappler: RT @jonathankappler: .@wral/surveyusa poll Atkinson (D) leading Tedesco (R) 47-41 in Superintendent race #NCPOL

I suppose that's good news, but...41%? That 41% of the people polled would choose Tedesco is 300% scarier than any Freddy Krueger movie.

Pudingtane 4:01pm via web
Is Obma a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? THE PROJECT -- PART 1: youtu.be/8R3BD7yjcEE#ncga #tcot #tlot @ABC @nbc @msnbc @CBS

A word of advice to my Conservative friends and non-friends: As long as you stand by and let idiots like this float insane conspracy theories, you're going to have to live with the label yourselves.

Okay, I'm getting myself too angry. Time for a double-shot of the Onion:

The Onion‏@TheOnion

Schwarzenegger Admits To Affair With Predator Costume http://onion.com/Si1Yu7

The Onion‏@TheOnion

"From the moment I saw that Predator costume, there was this intense sexual energy between us." – Schwarzenegger http://onion.com/Si4QHq


The gift that just keeps on giving:

PatMcCroryNC 10:15am via TweetDeck Rep. Crawford (D): "As the fmr Mayor of Charlotte, Pat McCrory has proven time & again he can work effectively across party lines" #ncpol

Maybe so, but he won't be working across party lines with you, Jimbo. Votes have consequences.