Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with a chain of causality:

Prejudice against unions in North Carolina is both persistent and illogical. What has being the least-unionized state in the country brought us? Better and more secure jobs? Oh, hell no:

Which inevitably leads to this:

And a big reason for all the mistakes that have been made on trade practices and corporate regulations came about because we let idiots like this steer our elections:

Once again, AFPNC smacks itself in the head with the irony stick. And not-the-bus-driver Dallas isn't even there anymore to excuse such brainlessness, so apparently it's a systemic problem, not an accident of nature.

The Citizens United decision is (supposedly) based on the idea that groups of people (corporations) should be free to spend as much as they want on political issues, including using monies from their General Funds. And AFP's misguided parents, Charles and David Koch, have (so far) spent over $8 million in North Carolina alone, funneling it through the mindless idiots who authored this Tweet.

Which makes it even more pointless than it already was, which was considerably pointless.

I do like that. A lot. :)

Yeah, it's even worse than it seems:

From: Walker, Michele [mailto:michele.walker@ncdenr.gov]
Sent: Monday, March 3, 2014 11:52 AM
To: rhi@coalashchronicles.com
Cc: Kritzer, Jamie; Massengale, Susan
Subject: FW: Coal Ash Task Force — members and meetings


The coal ash task force meetings are internal meetings of DENR employees, and as such are not open meetings. Also, because they are not public meetings, minutes are not taken, so neither minutes or transcripts are available.

First of all, minutes are not taken simply to serve the public's interest, they are taken to help everybody understand what was discussed, even those on the task force who were present for the discussion. If minutes were not actually taken, it's because someone made the decision not to, and that is an intentional violation of at least the spirit of open government laws, if not the statutes themselves.

And that needs to be become part of the (Federal) investigation of DENR.

Setting aside for a moment the fact that our overly-aggressive foreign policy is largely responsible for the conflict in the first place, what would you put forward in the US Senate to counter Russia's behavior in the region? US troops on the ground? You gonna do like Dubya, look into Putin's eyes and read his soul, maybe? Or is this just one more transparent effort by you to woo the Obama-haters into your corner? My vote is on "C".

Here's the unsigned article, posted in a "newspaper" online forum:

A back stabbing in the Supreme Court race

beware of Ola Lewis

March 02, 2014 | 08:24 AM

For months, Ola Lewis has been telling people she was running for an Associate Justice seat on the state Supreme Court. She is a black Republican Superior Court judge from the southeastern part of the state. She got GOP Justices Mark Martin and Paul Newby to raise $50,000 for that race for her. However, she held off on filing until the last day and failed to show up for the NCGOP ExCom meeting last Saturday, where the other judicial candidates appeared. Now at the last minute she has filed for Chief Justice against Mark Martin. She will use the $50,000 Martin helped raise for her against him instead of against the Democrat appointee she claimed to be running against. Ola Lewis has revealed herself as totally dishonest, a thoroughgoing liar, and a backstabber. This conwoman does not belong in any type of black robe. Those who have given her money should demand it back, and if she doesn't return it, file an ethics complaint with the State Bar against her. Lewis is slime.

That's...pretty dang funny, actually. ;)

As is this:

“We had no reason to doubt her until now,” Bilello said in a written statement. “She deceived and misled us.”

Bilello said tea party volunteers “froze in the cold giving out her campaign materials, volunteered at gun shows and other events, and gave up their time to spend many days and hours at the Board of Elections giving her support during her election recall. This was in addition to financial help her with her court case.”

She said Merrill announced the day after the filing period ended that she would not seek an official tea party endorsement “thereby freeing herself to move to the ‘middle’ and court moderates and conservative Democrats, in a belief that this will improve her chances in the general election,” Bilello said.

Yeah, that's what happens when your head gets so big your tiny little neck can't support
it: reality comes along and tips it right over.

I fear Holding will be holding onto that seat as long as he wants to, but I would love to see him sweat a little bit. Bring it.

I don't mean this in a bad way, Keith, but being the (appointed) NC Secretary of Commerce doesn't a stunning political resume make, if you catch my drift. You've got a long way to go to catch up with Clay on the "idea" front, so I'd suggest something a little more deep than "ppl r eager."

Considering the curvature of the Earth, she would actually have to climb up on her roof to see the Ukraine, but I guess it's possible. The more likely answer is she's bat-shit crazy.

Okay, I've taken up too much of your valuable time already, so here's your Onion:



The word "committee" just took a beating:

If you ever needed evidence that the Republican leadership in the NCGA was lacking in concern for the issues facing North Carolinians, here you have it. Sheesh.