Tuesday Twitter roundup

Heading for a runoff:

And when it does deteriorate into an extended political brawl, the NC GOP can thank outside elements:

The truth is way too inconvenient:

And on the rare occasion the mainstream media does try to expose these lies, they're immediately labeled "Liberal" if not something worse.

Well, I'd say things have vastly improved. We now only have one Lord Proprietor in the form of Art Pope, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't produced a male child. Please tell me he hasn't produced a male child...

And half the people in our misguided nation will vote to let them keep doing this crap.

Take the time to read it, if you haven't already done so. Williams should be a laughingstock, instead of a faithful conservative go-to pundit.

"Garden & Guns"? Might as well just say hunter/gatherer...or gatherer/hunter...which brings up some interesting thoughts about the de-evolving of certain cultures...anyway, there's sometimes a fine line between a clever name and one that begs to be ridiculed. Look in the rearview mirror, and you'll see the line way back there. Because you crossed it without noticing, you see.

Yeah, it's not the Pope, it's a loony former arch-bishop from St. Louis:

In an interview with Polonia Christiana magazine –and transcribed by Life Site News — Cardinal Raymond Burke said that Obama “promotes anti-life and anti-family policies.”

“There is hope that the evil anti-life laws of the United States can be overthrown and that the anti-life movement which urges yet more of such legislation can be resisted,” Burke said. “The pro-life movement in the United States has been working since 1973 to reverse the unjust decision of the Supreme Court which struck down state laws prohibiting procured abortion. It is true that the Supreme Court decision stands, but it is also true that the pro-life movement has grown ever stronger in the United States, that is, that more and more citizens, especially young citizens, have been awakened to the truth about the grave evil of procured abortion.”

Pope Francis removed Burke from the Congregation for Bishops last December.

Which reminds me of what my Great Uncle Rupert said the first time he laid eyes on me: "That boy ain't right."

With you in spirit, my dear. Whatever happens in court, you and the others who sacrificed have done a great service for the rest of us.

Of course not, you idiot. Don't you remember seeing Roy Cooper on your voting ballot? See, that means he was elected, not appointed. p.s. don't forget to breathe...

No, that's what a President who doesn't understand the military looks like. You never salute when wearing civilian clothes. Not even the Commander-In-Chief. And frankly, anybody who would condone the sale of weapons (including Hawk missiles) to Iran in exchange for the release of hostages has very little to be proud of, and much to regret.

It's about time somebody said it:

Really? The Common Core State Standards for public schools will lead children and the nation toward communism? The standards promote abortion and feminism?

It is not, contrary to what some of the most vocal opponents said at a recent legislative hearing, some kind of evil conspiracy. The hearing was connected to a review by some lawmakers of Common Core. If they find some objections valid, they could change standards or abandon Common Core altogether.

Opponents speak of Common Core as if it were some kind of plot hatched in Washington. Some of these opponents would fit right in with the tea party conspiracy theorists who likely believe that it is all connected to President Obama.

Thank you. It is apparent that some of the aspects of Common Core need to be revised, and maybe even scrapped altogether. But it's hard to concentrate on the details amidst the craziness. If this issue doesn't get fixed properly, the nut-jobs only have themselves to blame.

Okay, we need to interject some sanity into the discussion:

:) True fact.


Garden and Guns

You've not heard of "Garden & Guns"? If you're at your local Barnes and Noble, check it out sometime.

It's sort of like "Our State" or "Southern Living" for the hipster gun-toting libertarian set. Lots of macho, back to the land stuff with soft-focus photography and how "kewl" it is in rural 'merica.

And we've noticed

that Lt. Dan is fond of citing this publication. This isn't the only time he's plugged something in Garden & Guns.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Not much of a magazine person

I did notice the newest issue of Garden & Guns has a recipe for deviled eggs. I like deviled eggs. Although I can't imagine the recipe for deviled eggs would take up more than a few inches of column space...

The DAG now wants to rebrand

The DAG now wants to rebrand NC:

He's already getting a lot of help on Twitter.

Let's all help him out with the #brandNC hashtag.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Oooo ... I want to play.....

"North Carolina ... Come for the cheap labor. Stay for the coal ash."

"North Carolina ... The State of the Art Pope."

"North Carolina ... Your friendly neighbor. (Warning: Offer not applicable to gays, lesbians, women, Blacks, Hispanics, atheists ...")

"North Carolina ... Your home from the mountains to the non-disappearing global warming isn't real coast."

"North Carolina ... Where the _right_ kind of people are allowed to vote."

"North Carolina ... Exporting great teachers to other states that pay more since 2012."

"North Carolina ... Where school vouchers and Creationism lives and science comes to die."

How to choose?

Those are all so good.

You should consider becoming a brand ambassador for sure.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Spot on, Teddy

Very nice