Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with something that's definitely not a head-scratcher:

NCCapTonight 7:04pm via web
Romney: Have to scratch your head and wonder why Obama is talking about saving Big Bird. #ncprez #ncpol

Because you idiot, aside from the fact that PBS is the greatest source of educational programming around, the funding it receives is a tiny fraction of the overall Federal budget. By setting them up as a strawman to strike down, you've proven how incompetent you'd be as a President.

sistertoldjah 7:02pm via web
To #NCPOL #NCGOV #NCGOP #CLTNEWS: Pls spread the word that the Westboro freaks need to be countered in Raeford on Sat! pic.twitter.com/yJZwkoVj

This will probably be the only time I'll say this, but I'm with you, sister. Three of our state's National Guard paid the ultimate price, and the thought of Phelps & gang pulling their stunt there makes me want to let Evil Steve out for a long weekend.

RaceToTheBallot 7:19pm via TweetDeck
We're tweetchatting anti-LGBT candidates in #NC. Seen instances of homophobic mailers, tweets, messaging? share! #vote4equalitync #ncpol

You got it. And everybody reading this is on board...except that girl over there texting...excuse me, did you...okay, okay! I was just checking. She's in.

NCCapTonight 7:17pm via web
McCain:You know you can count Romney to cut unnecessary regulations. He's been in business. #ncpol

Yeah, he's been in the business of hiding his money. And someone like that has no business deciding which regulations are "unnecessary".

StopItMoffitt 6:00pm via TweetDeck
"Defend Our Water" yard signs are available - bit.ly/Uidqaw - Vote NO on the #AVL referendum! #StopItMoffitt #NCGA #NCpol #avlnews

Even if you can't vote on the referendum, you can help Jane Whilden beat Tim Moffitt on election day.

NCDemParty 5:52pm via HootSuite
MT @Obama2012: BO: The last thing we can afford to do now is to go back to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

You got that right. Republican deregulators crushed our economy, and they haven't learned a damn thing. They'll do it again, if given half a chance.

And here's your slice of Onion:

The Onion‏@TheOnion CDC Mix-Up Results In U.S. Children Receiving 1.2 Million Tequila Shots | For More Science & Tech News: http://onion.com/Q1DOjG