Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with a look at some quality governing:

Apparently a degree in computer science trumps all other degrees:

One of these candidates for science-panel service is David Burton, a Cary computer consultant who posts scathing critiques of “climate-change alarmists” on his website, www. sealevel.info.

Burton sits on the board of NC-20, a coastal nonprofit that advocates for real estate and economic development interests. He has a master’s degree in computer science and says he has made a hobby out of “the study of the science of sea-level rise.”

Burton serves as a leading antagonist of the coastal commission’s science panel. He says he is more qualified than many of its members – university professors and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers professionals – to formulate a new sea-level forecast.

“They’re outside their area of expertise, really, when it comes to that topic,” said Burton, 58. “I think I can bring some expertise and fill a gap and do some good.”

And maybe you're just one more example of the GOP's total ineptitude with filling board and agency positions. Don't we have a huge IT problem costing us millions in labor and potentially costing us more millions in lost Federal funding? But no, let's put this computer guy on an environmental panel. ;/

Redneck-style kabuki theatre:

I was driving down I-40 the other day, and this dude driving a Chevy something wearing Dale Earnhardt sunglasses got right on my tail (3 feet at the most) for a few seconds, then made his move around me NASCAR-style. Right when I was about to say, "Where's a cop when you need one?" a state man whizzed by me and threw on the blue lights. I don't usually rejoice when someone gets pulled over, but I laughed pretty hard when I saw the look on that guy's face. :)

Speaking of laughing hard:

Yes, it's funny, but it proves that Twitter doesn't conform to the Theory of Evolution. The conversation actually devolves on most issues, until the original animal is lost in the noise.

This issue started with a picture of the First Lady holding a piece of paper with "#bring back our girls", a reference to the Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped by Islamic militants. Almost immediately, people on both the left and the right used the picture to make their own statements, ranging from drones to Benghazi. Ann Coulter, being the deranged narcissist she is, used her own picture to say "bring back my country." Not sure what "her country" is, or where the President is supposed to have taken it, but the inevitable happened and now there are probably more screwy Ann Coulter pics than Michelle Obama ones. And of course, the right-wing is whining about how the Liberals are spewing hate because of this. And nearly forgotten in the Twitter noise is the reason for the First Lady's pic in the first place, the kidnapped schoolgirls.

I think the headaches have already started. This is the beginning of the relapse. And whistling past the graveyard won't help:

If the jobs situation is so rosy, why did Republicans feel the need to slash unemployment benefits so deeply? They only did that because they knew their policy approaches wouldn't cure the unemployment problem, and they knew that because they never did care about improving the economy and putting people back to work in the first place. They only serve the needs of the wealthy, and they'll still get stinking rich(er) even if the middle class completely collapses.

Not only is this great news for other same-sex couples in the military, it is also honoring the wishes of a hero:

A lesbian military spouse who fought more than a year for survivor annuities announced Saturday she had finally received notice she would receive the entitlement, raising questions about whether the Department of Veterans Affairs has enacted a blanket change in policy for same-sex benefits.

During her speech upon receiving an award at the inaugural dinner in D.C. for the American Military Partners Association, Tracy Johnson said she received a notice in the mail earlier in the month verifying that she would be eligible for survivor benefits. They would be retroactive, she said, to the time of the death of her spouse, Staff Sergeant Donna Johnson, who was killed on patrol in Afghanistan on Oct. 1, 2012.

“This decision from the Department of Veterans Affairs is an important step toward our end goal of achieving equal treatment for all military families,” Tracy said. “This would not have been possible without your support.”

The tide of this war may just be turning.

That's a damn good question. You know what would be awesome? If we made a shitload of t-shirts, each with a different fracking chemical spelled out on it, sold the t-shirts so people all over the place could wear them, and then used the proceeds to run anti-fracking ads. Or buy even more t-shirts...

I recently got involved in a Facebook argument (I probably should have avoided) with a couple of relatives who are decidedly not right-wing nutters. And who I love very much, but that's beside the point. One of them shared a graphic attacking fast-food workers for demanding $15 per hour, and the graphic used a comparison between soldiers and "burger-flippers" to show who is more deserving of a decent wage. And then people chimed in about how raising the minimum wage would cost jobs, and how it would stop people from trying to better themselves.

I, um, used a little sarcasm when I probably should have been straightforward in my observations, or so my older son who specializes in sarcasm informed me. But you know, it enrages me when I see normally intelligent people falling for such nonsense. It's an "appeal to emotion" logical fallacy, presenting a choice between two types of people. A choice that really doesn't exist. Both enlisted soldiers and fast-food workers are treated like shit by our society, and they each have grievances that are justified.

Whenever we are asked to choose between groups of people who are both suffering from unfairness, the only enlightened answer is to not choose.

After that missive whose main goal was to make me feel better, you're probably ready for your Onion:

:) It takes practice.

*note: I'll be offline for several hours today, but (as always) feel free to post other Twitter stuff in the comments. Or just comments.


You can't go wrong with Hello Kitty

And before anybody starts in on me, Hello Kitty is vastly different from My Little Pony. Totally different league vis-à-vis children's marketing approaches, with big-time crossover into the adult market. Or maybe adults are de-maturing into children...whatever the case, Hello Kitty is destined for future retro status.

Got it

You're not a Bronie.

So are you a...umm...Helbro Kitty? :-)

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Heh. My son's ex-girlfriend

was a Hello Kitty fanatic, and after continued exposure I think I was partially brainwashed. Or Kitty-washed. Something snapped in my brain, anyway, and now I'm strangely drawn to them. Maybe I'm a sleeper Kitty agent...