Turning Moral Mondays into Action!

I read with excitement that the next Moral Monday’s theme will be centered on voting rights. As we are facing an up-hill battle with legislation aimed at weakening the minority and young vote in North Carolina, I began to think of another way activists can work to change things.

It may not be as glamorous or it may not be as exciting as the actual rally, but what many of our Counties, cities and precincts need is some good old fashioned canvassing, door knocking, voting registration drives and meetings with constituents to start building a new and improved voting partnership of like-minded individuals.

So attend Moral Monday if you are able and let the world see how much support there is for common sense reform and legislation in North Carolina. When you come home, reflect on the event and then begin to think of ways we can bring this energy and enthusiasm from Raleigh to every nook and cranny of our great state.
The real test of this movement’s testament as a catalyst for change will not be counted in people present at the rally, but in numbers of voters voting for liberty and justice for all at the ballot boxes across North Carolina.

It is my hope that our state and county party leaders capitalize on this growing sense of urgency and formulate a plan that goes beyond posters and bull horns and includes grass roots interaction that can catapult our municipal and state elections this year and next.

So please attend Moral Monday and make your voice heard and show the world that North Carolina is more than just the out of touch and antiquated legislation they see on TV., but when it is all said and done what people will ultimately remember and what this movement will be judged by is how it assisted in turning out the vote against those who would like us to go back to the 1940’s.

The real question now should be what next? And if our state party leaders are on the ball, the answer will be a decisive and well thought out strategic initiative which transfers the angst and urgency of Moral Monday’s into action Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If not, the Moral Monday rallies have been a great way to spend time on a Monday evening but will have little impact on our local, county and state elections.


Suggestions for action events:

Precinct town hall meetings or more intimate "coffee talks"
Neighborhood canvassing in swing precincts
letters to the editor
Creating a party message tailored to the local level and staying on point for the next 2 years
Community involvement on local boards and committees
Booths or tables at every single event in your County
Post cards or notes to inactive Democrats bringing them together for a special event to get them involved
Local press conference to address your specific needs (education, economy, infrastructure etc.)
Local philanthropic projects for the community (assisting school children, unemployed, environment etc.)
Phone banks getting local Democrats geared up for 2014 state elections
Massive training sessions on all aspects of campaigning, elections and grass roots organizing
Creative fund-raising on the local level-start now while others are not focused on it.
Get behind your municipal candidates and treat it as though it were a state/national level race.

Feel free to add to this list. Lets share ideas and see what we can all come up with!

Robert Kellogg

District 12 Special election

We need to be ready in District 12 if Rep. Mel Watt is approved by Congress to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency. I'm organizing my new precinct even though it's the middle of the summer. We will need to choose a new Congressman/woman and then work to keep the district in Democratic hands.

If Watt takes the federal agency post, he would vacate the congressional seat he’s held for 21 years. A special election would take place later this year to fill the seat through the November 2014 general election in the heavily Democratic-leaning district. Since 1992, Watt has won general elections by wide margins over an array of Republican challengers.

The congressional district includes parts of High Point. The 12th District reaches from the Charlotte metropolitan area through the central Piedmont to the Triad.