UNC leadership needs to step up and support rather than punish those who report sexual assault

I hope that members of the BlueNC community can help explain what is going on with the Honor Court at UNC as they bring up Landen Gambill for possible punishment for speaking up about her own experiences, after she took her sexual assault charges through Honor Court proceedings.

I wrote this up in full, "UNC Chapel Hill must support those who report sexual assault," on DoingRightByOurKids.com but I am flummoxed by the administration's insistence that the student-run Honor Court is capable of straightening this all out. "Undergraduate Attorney General"--give me a break! It is time for the professional adult leadership to take a stand here. They have already taken sexual assault out of the Honor Court's jurisdiction but now they need to do more.

I would love to hear more from UNC insiders on this. Are there any campus events planned that those of us in the larger community should know about?


I'd like an explanation, too

Going by well-established national statistics, somewhere around 20% (1 in every 5) female students at UNC have suffered some sort of sexual abuse in their lifetimes, and an untold quantity of them fell into that category after arriving in Chapel Hill.

As long as this situation is in limbo, or continues as a "peer review" clusterf@#k, a lot of those girls aren't going to say a word. And that makes me want to break something.

Blue Heaven

Between this and the academic scandal involving the athletes it's looking like another good argument for oversight and regulation in NC.

It is appalling . Stupid.

It is appalling . Stupid. One more reason for NC to be the laughing stock of the nation.