UNC system in GOP's crosshairs

And the University dart board is back on the wall again:

“There should be no sacred cows,” the Winston-Salem Republican said in an interview Friday. “The UNC system needs to be subjected to the same scrutiny as everything else.” Brunstetter cautioned that it is too early in the dialogue to identify particular campuses that could close, merge or transfer to the community college system – all ideas lawmakers are considering.

Sacred cows? The UNC System has suffered cut after cut during this recession, while students and their families have been forced deeper into debt due to tuition increases, and he's talking sacred cows? But not to worry, closing public universities is not the end of the world, since Georgia did it:

Barefoot pointed to Georgia’s move earlier this year to consolidate eight campuses into four. “The state budget is a fixed pot,” he said. “The pie can only be divided so many ways.”

A fixed pot? Somebody needs to set aside some money in the budget for a wider and more appropriate list of colloquialisms.

Both the budget and revenue streams are refined on an annual basis, so don't give us any crap about your "hands being tied" or other nonsense. Republicans (by and large) don't believe tens of thousands of North Carolinians need or deserve a university education, especially if they want to compete with the (already) wealthy for jobs and influence.

North Carolina's university system is the very best weapon against a class-based society, and any effort to tear it down should be seen for what it is: an attempt to keep our classes in check, or even facilitate a downward trend.


"Sacred" is just another word

"Sacred" is just another word to these guys...

What is 'sacred' is our State Constitution

Our State Constitution specifically requires our General Assembly to provide a sound, first rate education for the citizens of this state. It dedicated words to this intent in the Constitution.

Apparently, the current GA not only feels it can redefine common law by voiding contracts, it also scoffs at our own seminal law. -E J Smith

How free should it be?

I think the wording in the State Constitution is: "This article demands that the General Assembly establish a system of higher education and states that higher education should be free, as far as practicable."

Just for the sake of Sunday morning and coffee conversation, how "free as practicable" should higher education be? As I understand it there is a fairly wide range of cost between a degree at UNC-Chapel Hill and a degree at, let's say, UNC-Wilmington.

So how free should higher education be in North Carolina?

"any effort to tear it down"

Whoa! I think you are going about this in the wrong way. Why not shout from the rooftops that the UNC system welcomes the closest scrutiny because we have nothing to hide. As a matter of fact we are proud to be such good stewards of the taxpayers money. Don't start out like you have something to hide.

The UNC system doesn't have anything to hide, does it?

Then tell 'em to bring on any investigation!

I can't see where you're

I can't see where you're reading into this that the UNC system is being scrutinized for anything other than general budget cuts...There's no mention of anything needing to be investigated for misuse of taxpayer's money.

"should be seen for what it is"

You've got it backwards. It's not the UNC system trying to hide something, it's the GOP trying to hide their true intent (attacking public education) by talking about sacred cows, pots of money and slices of pie.

I'm sure the new GOP-hand-picked UNC Board of Businessmen Governors will be sniffing around for any potential controversies involving real educators, so we don't need to ask for scrutiny.

UNC_CH Basketball-Football Teams Join Little 4 YMCA Leaque

Most of you Progressives don't remember that King Pope went to UNC-CH as a student and was rejected as the crazy rich kid libertian on Campus during that time.....Payback is hell, since King Pope does not forget those dirty rotten Communists Profs and Basketball teams who rejected his jump shot in pick up Paradise Corporate games...

I'm surprised he didn't use

I'm surprised he didn't use his money to buy a spot on the UNC Bball team...Kinda like he got his new job with his DAG.