Urge State Senators to Pass House Bill 5

Hi. Please urge State Senators to quickly pass House Bill 5. As WRAL reports on the temporary funding for Group Homes issue:

The House voted 116-0 on House Bill 5, but it's fate in the Senate remains murky. Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said Wednesday that he wasn't in a hurry to address the group home issue.


From the Director of The National Alliance on Mental Illness North Carolina chapter:

What is the scoop?

We are hearing, and you may have too, that the Senate is not seeing the urgency associated with this bill's passage. The urgency is this:

-the money will run out immediately for those whose appeals are being concluded
-this affects 1400 people - their lives, their homes, their stability
-it is vitally important that the new administration show they can act quickly and decisively to correct a very important, and very pressing problem
-now is the time to invest in building a stable mental health system, accessible when it is needed

Please contact your Senator urging her or him to address this urgent issue. Thank you.


How do you supply funds for

How do you supply funds for PCS when resident does not qualify? If they do not qualify for medicaid assistance or PCS then by fderal orders and settlement from US DOJ 8/23/12, then whe do these victims like my son held illegally in Randolph county and DSS of guilford County is not a legal guardian or for that matter, no legal guardianship exists and the kidnapper owner of adult mental care home drugs my son to punish and silence him to get help and freedom that his sexually abusive father for 22 years documented and substantiated by Guiford County DSS since Jan. 2000 aids and abets this crime along with two other fraudulent adult care homes receiving medicaid illegall when my son did not and never did qualify for disability or much less medicaid that his father falsely use clerk of court of guilford County in 2002 to file a falsified claim with SSA currently under federal investigation.