U.S. Attorney Scandal Revives Taylor Speculation

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Disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor just can't keep his scandals out of the news. Sure, he's been out of office for months now, but his 16 year record of deceit and criminality continues to pursue him. Recent revelations about the political manipulations of U.S. Attorneys led one enterprising reporter to take another look at one infamous instance of politics trumping justice:

McClatchy: "As Washington swirls with allegations that the Justice Department and White House intervened in federal prosecutions across the country, a review shows that U.S. attorneys in North Carolina have gone after a lot of Democrats - and a few Republicans, too - during the Bush administration.

But many in the western part of the state recall a particular case a few years back that was handled quietly in the North Carolina mountains, when a pair of lawyers thought that Taylor, a North Carolina Republican, ought to be questioned over a loan-fraud case that involved the bank he owns.

"Essentially the question is, `Why was he not interrogated? Why was he not interviewed?'" asked Forrest A. Ferrell, the lawyer who leveled the charges in 2003. "He knew about it all and should've at least been interrogated about it."
"At the time, Taylor held one of the most powerful posts in Congress, serving as chairman of an Appropriations Committee subcommittee. Although his subcommittee didn't have jurisdiction over the Justice Department, he held powerful sway in funding matters.

In Asheville, investigators never interrogated Taylor.

Ferrell contends that someone in Washington - either Ashcroft or his subordinates - intervened.

"My information was that the U.S. attorney general in D.C. prohibited the U.S. Attorney's Office in North Carolina from interrogating Charles Taylor," Ferrell recalled last week."

Here's hoping that Taylor may yet have to take an oath to tell the truth to federal investigators. With truckloads of testimony yet to come in the House and Senate, Scrutiny Hooligans will keep an eye out for information related to Taylor and his endless scandals.


When I first heard about the prosecutor purge

My first thought was "what about the ones that *didn't* get canned?"

Obviously, without a whistleblower, this sort of thing will be much harder to uncover. Is there anything else from NC that is worth a second look in light of the emerging pattern of politically influenced investigations?

what can we do about the Taylor case?


I'm counting on the good people at CREW

You could email the CREW folks a letter of support (they posted this at their blog today as well). It's an internal matter now. I suppose we could tell our representatives to ask the ethics committee to investigate, but they seem to have a lot on their plates these days... 8-)

More as I come up with it.

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Thank God for Shuler

Not only did we get a rid of North Carolina disgrace, we also managed to get a good man who is more representative of his district. It's encouraging to see that netroots folks are already preparing to defend his seat, as well as win the eighth.

So Fitting

I don't know where you get your artwork, Screwie, but that looks like what we're smelling in this nation.

Pork is pork but what's been going on around this country is NOT pork. It's corruption through and through.

At least pork benefits the people (or it used to) Corruption lines the pockets of people who already have more than they can spend. And yet, they steal our crumbs.

Give me back my crumbs, dammit.