US Senate Voted to Proceed to Gun Control Legislation

The Senate is expected to take a vote on whether or not to proceed with a gun control bill introduced by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Senator Reid filled a cloture motion on Tuesday evening.

The Senate is set to vote on the Safe Schools, Safe Communities Act. The National Disability Rights Network is advocating for comprehensive reform.


Vote occurred as scheduled, and the vote on the motion to allow debate passed easily.

from Jim Morrill ‏@jimmorrill on Twitter:
Sen. Richard Burr one of 16 GOP senators to vote to allow debate on gun bill. #NCPOL


NY Times reporting on vote by geography. See the breakdown of the vote on the NYT site here:


Senate begins debate on gun bill

CBS News ‏@CBSNews on Twitter:

Major hurdle cleared, Senate begins debate on gun bill
for emphasis repeating this statistic:
"There's a HUGE gender gap on guns, too: 65% of female respondents want stricter gun laws, versus just 44% of men"
--Retweeted by Chuck Todd.

Martha Brock