Valerie Foushee on Public Service

Hope everyone will take a minute (or a few) to watch Valerie Foushee's new video on public service. She's running in a swing district (HD 50) comprising rural Orange and Durham counties.

Valerie's opponent, Rod Chaney, is a typical tea-party conservative with stellar ratings from the Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks and others. We can't afford 2 more years of this far-right agenda, it's time to get North Carolina moving forward again.

If you like the video, please share it with friends and neighbors and consider making a contribution to Valerie's campaign. She's only a few thousand dollars away from being done with fundraising and having the resources to win in November, so won't you give her a hand?


I drive through her district a lot and there is almost

no sign that she is running. I would at least expect some signs up in Durham Co., but I haven't seen the first sign there. Get out there, Name recognition is key. Cheney has big signs up everywhere, including one that promotes his support for voter id laws. He seems very well funded.

Turnout and enthusiasm are her counters to the money.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


Mr. Chaney has a fraction of the money that Ms. Foushee has. According to the public records he has only taken smaller amounts from private individuals. Ms. Foushee has many thousands more and takes funds from PACs, special interest groups, other campaigns and other politicians. And that's not counting the thousands that the Democrat party is spending on her race. If you are in one of her special interest groups or love status quo fat-cat politics, that's probably good news.

Her opponent seems confused

Her opponent seems to be confused. His signs seem to say it's time for a change, time for someone who will say no, and time to cut the debt.

So I have to wonder if he realizes that he's not running against an incumbent, that it is his party in power in the General Assembly, and his party wasting tax payer money to attack the LGBT community, women, and minority voters?

swing district?

If a district in any part of Durham and Orange Counties is considered a "swing" district, the NC Democratic Party is in more trouble than I thought.

Hopefully we can count on

Hopefully we can count on Orange/Durham to deliver a progressive candidate to office, but after all the crazy redistricting before this election cycle I don't think it's a good idea to treat any seat as safe.

The northern precincts in Orange County are

very conservative. Foushee will have to balance that with Durham votes. Swing district fits and that has nothing to do with the NC Dem. party being in trouble.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Not a bad video

But I like this one even better from the primary that speaks to education support that I found by clicking through on the first one to the youtube account: