Van der Vaart just babbling nonsense these days

Is he angling for a gig on right-wing talk-radio?

The state environmental department is also fighting federal overreach to keep energy prices low and prevent bureaucrats in Washington, DC from taking control of private property and farmland through costly, unnecessary regulation. We have successfully stopped federal takeover of the state’s electricity system and millions of acres of private property. Decisions about how to protect our resources should be made in North Carolina, not Washington, DC.

Bolding mine. Really? The Federal government tried to take over our whole electricity system and you stopped them? When did that happen? And about those millions of acres they tried to steal: The entire state only boasts 31 million acres, kindly tell us which of those millions of acres you thwarted them from acquiring. Never thought I'd say it, but Skvarla was a jewel in comparison with this twit.



Shift of core mission

See if you can spot the movement:

The McCrory administration is working with businesses and local government to help them achieve compliance with environmental rules and regulations. We are also making our permitting and inspection processes more efficient and user friendly. No company or employee wants to locate to a state with dirty air or dirty water. It is my goal to provide for economic opportunities while protecting the quality of life we value in North Carolina.

In the early days of the Republican takeover, while Bev Perdue was still running the Executive, the GOP exerted budgetary influence over DENR in an effort to limit its ability to regulate industry. Some 40% of DENR's staff disappeared within a couple of years. The ones who remained were strapped with new requirements, such as calculating the costs (to the private sector) of whatever rules they wanted to put in place. When McCrory initially took over, the scope then became "Protecting the environment while not holding back economic growth." As you can see from the last sentence above, economics is now the primary function of DEQ, followed by the nebulous afterthought of "quality of life." In roughly five years, the Department has been altered into something that doesn't even resemble its previous self. Fixing that will arguably be the most important mission for Governor Roy Cooper's first year or two.