Victory for REPS and energy efficiency

The REPS repeal bill H298 went down to defeat today in Rep. Mike Hager's House Public Utilities and Energy Committee on a bipartisan vote of 18-13. This was a crushing defeat for Hager, the Rutherford County Republican and former Duke Energy engineer who sought to repeal Senate Bill 3 of 2007.

The bill was in trouble from the beginning, when the Speaker referred the bill to four different committees. Hager tried this week to jumpstart the bill by holding his own committee's hearing and vote today, which was supposedly out of turn. The more the public and small business owners learned about this bill, the stronger the opposition to it. I talked to my Senator, tea party Republican Jim Davis, a couple of weeks ago, and even he had misgivings about this bill.

While this may be grasping at straws, today's action in committee gives me some hope that the public is becoming more and more disenchanted with the radical actions going on in Raleigh.


Great news

It seems the lame efforts by AFPNC and Civitas failed to cloud the overwhelming evidence of the value and economic success of our REPS.

I'm sure they won't give up, though. There's too much at stake for the fossil fuel industry, and they won't sit idly by while the gravy train is derailed.