Voller: 'They are the party of the raw deal'

Great media one-liner from Chairman Randy Voller from WRAL.com:

"We are the party of the New Deal," he said of Democrats. "They are the party of the raw deal."

"In his first news conference as North Carolina Democratic Party chairman, Randy Voller vowed Thursday to fight the Republican majority in the General Assembly and enlisted state residents to join in the battle.:

"We cannot just lie down and let this train run over us," Voller said in fiery remarks to reporters...

read all about it here:



I gotta tell you ... I more excited than I've been in years about the North Carolina Democratic Party.

If we can successfully recruit populist candidates like our new chair, people who aren't afraid to call bullshit on Governor Pope and company, then we will finally have the party true Democrats.

But we are also in urgent need is a kick-ass candidate for governor to start taking the trash talk to DAG McCrory. Each day brings a new and powerful opportunity to call bullshit on his bush-league administration, and the "caller" can't be only Voller. The "caller" needs to be the person who will challenge McCrory 24/7 ... and thereby become the powerful alternative.

Lots of names have been thrown around, and most of them are driven by conventional thinking about name recognition. My own view is that the right candidate could easily build name recognition for the next four years by running the same kind of never-ending campaign that McCrory did.

Call me crazy, but I want that candidate to be Deborah Ross. She is the smartest and most articulate person I've seen in years ... and has more than enough intellectual firepower to whittle DAG down to size.

Come on, Deb. You can do it.

I caught some of it live

We will lead by championing equality, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation

This agenda is anti-worker, anti-middle class, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-community, anti-local control, pretty much against everything. I want to know what they're for. They told us they're for jobs. Where are the jobs? It's easy to be against things, it's a lot hard to build things.

- Chairman Randy Voller

I caught some of it live this morning while getting ready to head out of the house. I appreciate the LGBT inclusion at the national level from the President's inauguration with the intertwining of Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall, to the statewide level like those statements by the state party chair, to the local level with the Orange County LGBT Democratic Caucus forming next week.

I also appreciate that he mentioned growing the party from the grassroots, investment in education, encouraging young democrats to run for office, the need for an independent redistricting process, mentioning the problems of Citizens United, HKonJ coming up on Saturday, the Duke/Progress energy rate hike hearings coming up and their ties to the Governor's mansion, and the wrongheadedness of things like amendment 1 last year and the attacks on members of boards this year.