Voter ID assailed, backed in House hearing

Hundreds of people crowded into three rooms to attend the House Elections Committee hearing to voice their opinion on legislation that hasn't even been drafted yet. Republican lawmakers said last week that they want to collect as much input from both supporters and opponents before crafting and filing a bill later this month.

Representatives from NAACP, Democracy NC, AARP, Disability Rights North Carolina and the League of Women Voters spoke out against a required voter ID earlier in what was expected to be a lengthy hearing.

The meeting is now adjourned (as of 8:30pm). The video of Part I is up at, Part II(video) will be available soon


I just spoke

I just spoke and they're still lining people up. Originally I was hearing it'd be 4 to 6pm. It's almost 8pm and it's still going, even though many couldn't stay

Video on

They are still streaming the live video from the NC General Assembly until the end of the hearing. Lots of folks who signed up to speak have already left.

Martha Brock

Thanks, Jake

I agree with your emphasis on more hearings being needed. Thanks for a job well done.

Martha Brock

Thanks for covering this

From what I've been seeing on Twitter, the ignorance was on display by the VoterID crowd. Which is fine as far as the NC GOP is concerned. Logic and common sense are of no consequence, only the manufactured crisis matters.