Voter ID wars

Gary Pearce has some sound advice on how Democrats should respond to Pat McCrory's Voter ID scheme.

It’s shameful that Republicans believe their political future rests on voter suppression. But Democrats can turn this chicken shit into chicken salad.

His recommendation makes even more sense given that the State will to have to pay to make sure that every single voter who is currently registered gets a free Voter ID card personally delivered into his or her hands. Without that funding, McCrory's plan will almost certainly run afoul of the North Carolina Constitution:

Sec. 10. Free elections.

All elections shall be free.

Sec. 11. Property qualifications.

As political rights and privileges are not dependent upon or modified by property, no property qualification shall affect the right to vote or hold office.

Does a Voter ID constitute "property"? Seems like the case could be made.

Other relevant provisions:



Section 1. Who may vote.

Every person born in the United States and every person who has been naturalized, 18 years of age, and possessing the qualifications set out in this Article, shall be entitled to vote at any election by the people of the State, except as herein otherwise provided.

Sec. 2. Qualifications of voter.

(1) Residence period for State elections. Any person who has resided in the State of North Carolina for one year and in the precinct, ward, or other election district for 30 days next preceding an election, and possesses the other qualifications set out in this Article, shall be entitled to vote at any election held in this State. Removal from one precinct, ward, or other election district to another in this State shall not operate to deprive any person of the right to vote in the precinct, ward, or other election district from which that person has removed until 30 days after the removal.

(2) Residence period for presidential elections. The General Assembly may reduce the time of residence for persons voting in presidential elections. A person made eligible by reason of a reduction in time of residence shall possess the other qualifications set out in this Article, shall only be entitled to vote for President and Vice President of the United States or for electors for President and Vice President, and shall not thereby become eligible to hold office in this State.

(3) Disqualification of felon. No person adjudged guilty of a felony against this State or the United States, or adjudged guilty of a felony in another state that also would be a felony if it had been committed in this State, shall be permitted to vote unless that person shall be first restored to the rights of citizenship in the manner prescribed by law.

Sec. 3. Registration.

Every person offering to vote shall be at the time legally registered as a voter as herein prescribed and in the manner provided by law. The General Assembly shall enact general laws governing the registration of voters.

Sec. 4. Qualification for registration.

Every person presenting himself for registration shall be able to read and write any section of the Constitution in the English language.

The only troublesome piece of this is the italicized line above, and I'm sure His Magnificent Presence will declare that whatever the General Assembly wants to do is A-OK with him and his pocket pal Paul Newby.

I see endless lawsuits in our future, but in the meantime, I like Gary's idea. If the Democratic Party in North Carolina can get its shit together, it can out-gun, out-maneuver, and out-ID Democratic voters all over the state.


Glad to see someone besides me

slipping in a forbidden word or two.

Chickenshit into chicken salad. Nice.