Voter intimidation vigilantes to attend "boot camp" Sep 14

And they'll be returning home to your county afterward:

Learn the research and advocacy skills needed to FIND - REPORT - PREVENT VOTER FRAUD! Attend our state-wide training, our first ever - VOTER INTEGRITY BOOTCAMP! Sept 14, 2013, Morrisville, NC.

Join like-minded patriots in a roll-up-your-sleeves workshop, learn how to access, compare, analyze county data and voter rolls - to find, report, and prevent voter fraud! We need to empower you, at the county level, to be sure that we protect the integrity of future elections in NC! We cannot do it without you!

What you won't see in this article (or at VIP's site) is that part of the entry fee covers a county-specific data disc that will be given to each vigilante to carry home with them. Since part of this "boot camp" is to train people to challenge specific voters in their home county, the mystery disc will probably already have names and other personal information to help target the right (left) persons.



I know where I'll be on election day. I'll be at a Red polling place with two handguns, camouflaged utilities, and chewing tobacco, armed and ready to stop every voter who comes my way, insisting they prove their identity or die trying.

PS Voter Integrity Project

If you're a progressive who wants to attend, shoot me an email and I'll cover your costs. I really would like to see an army of citizens across the state challenging suspect voters.

NC Voter Integrity - Registrations, for-profit corporation

If you sign up to attend you're a registered Dem, they'll probably turn you down or send you to the wrong location. Heck, if you're registered as an Independent and they're afraid of being infiltrated, they'll probably do the same thing.

And, btw, if someone knows a little more about labor and tax law than I do, they might want to get in touch with the IRS and the US Department of Labor about the NC Voter Integrity Project. It's not registered as a non-profit, but as a for-profit C-corporation. C-corps aren't allowed to have unpaid or volunteer labor from what I understand and there could be tax liability involved. See this comment and this comment for more info.

Psssst, James, problem here.

In order to do a legal challenge to a voter in NC, the burden is on the challenger, not the voter. You will have to state the voter's name and your objection, and then prove it. If you can't, you step aside, and the voter wordlessly votes.

That is what these boot camps are for, that is what the discs give them, grounds and proof for a legal challenge. We need to take this seriously, they are getting armed to challenge people like students, recent residents who may have tax or car registration or license address challenges, real legal challenges.

Great image, though, especially on you.


Sorry. Should have indicated jest.

That said, we sure as heck should take it seriously. Including learning how to challenge voters e effectively.

I'm thinking of hanging around

a polling place with a video camera, and recording any challenger bold enough to step up.


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This is the correct tactic and an excellent idea.

First, it is itself intimidating, and may put the challenger off right from the start.

For those bold enough to continue, it will record the encounter to insure they do in fact issue a legal challenge. These new GOP Chief Judges are mostly inexperienced, most have never even worked as poll workers, and will be unfamiliar with the law and make mistakes, to the detriment of Democratic voters.

Without a recording, appeals will be reduced to he said/she said situations, and fail. With a recording to present to county election boards, inaccurate chief judges and harassment challenges can be proven. With enough of these recordings, we can maybe stop this tactic before the primary next spring, and the critical general election in 2014, by showing that the challenges are bogus. Even if the challenges are valid, we can learn how to get our voters legal by spring.

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere

that cameras were not allowed inside the polling place, or that you couldn't take pictures/shoot video in there. I'm taking a quick break from helping someone move, so if anybody is aware of this restriction please post it in the comments. And later, you can send flowers (I like gladiolas) to the Alamance Regional Medical Center, to whichever department it is where they put people in traction for lower back injuries.


You are correct, this is tricky, but doable.

The new law allows each party to have 10 "observers' inside the polling place, beyond the traditional 2 observers. The GOP challengers will be those people, and no cameras are allowed in the polling place.

The Democrats must have at least one observer in each precinct where challenges are likely, like near colleges or where new homes are built. These observers can take notes, and should be extremely credible.


Our Governor, on his Facebook page is saying...."Did you know there is no credible evidence that welfare applicants abuse drugs at a higher percentage than the general population? 5th reason to sustain the veto of HB 392."

Wonder why he didn't ask for credible evidence of voter fraud when he was considering signing the Voter ID bill into law?

Are you saying...

...that DAG McCrony is a hypocrite?

I sure am.

(In another example on another issue, he's now touting the support of sheriffs for one of his vetoes, in his pathetic, doomed attempt to avoid overrides. These would be the same sheriffs who opposed the gun bill that DAG McCrony signed).

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014


hypocrite...that's a good start.

Protest at the hotel?

Is the public location the Country Inn and Suites in Morrisville the real site, or a decoy?
A protest there on 9/14 would certainly be interesting....


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