Voter suppression activist misbehaves in public

I think somebody needs to lay down and take a nap:

It’s not every day that a Wake County Elections Board hearing is the setting for a temper tantrum. That’s what happened today when the Voter Integrity Project’s Jay DeLancy snatched his microphone off the board’s table mid-meeting, kicking glass doors open in front of him as he stormed out of the meeting room in the Public Safety Center. He slowed down once he realized news cameras were chasing him.

Which was almost as embarassing as that time his mom had to drag him, kicking and screaming, down the aisle of the Winn Dixie because she had refused to allow Jay to put the box of Captain Crunch (with the prize inside) into her shopping cart.


Nazi Repub Loses Mind Over Voters

No doubt this dude republican needs intense angry managment therapy on Charlie Sheen new TV show for comic relief

The Vote Terminator

He'll be back.

Hah! :)

Hopefully, if he shows up naked squatting in an industrial park late at night, the security guard will just go ahead and shoot and ask questions later...