Voter suppression group admits it lied to lawmakers

And by disseminating disinformation, it made liars out of a bunch of misguided volunteers, as well:

RALEIGH, NC–4:55 PM, Friday, April 12, 2013. Late this afternoon, we learned that some of our findings, revealed at the April 10 public Legislative hearing, may be inaccurate; so we plan to issue a full report after completing an audit. While we regret this human error and apologize for any embarrassment it may have caused to the presenters and to election officials, we caution the public against losing sight of the undeniable fact that North Carolina’s voter rolls are so corrupted that, without an effective voter ID law, it will be impossible to know who is really voting.

That's what's known as a logical leap: to admit your information is corrupted by inaccuracy, and then immediately follow that admission with a statement of "undeniable fact". This is not the first time DeLancey has been confounded by the truth:

Considering our right to vote is one of the most precious rights we have, you're damned straight there should be a lawyer involved if one citizen (for some reason) feels the need to take that right away from another.

In a sane world, this admission would leave DeLancey standing by himself, with no lawmakers hanging on his every word. But we don't live there, and our current crop of Legislators neither need nor want accurate information in their quest to silence the voice of the people.


A couple of interesting

A couple of interesting points on the Voter Integrity Project's FAQ page:

Is NCVIP affiliated with any other organization?
While we have friends and acquaintances who share our concerns in other states, we are not aware of any sort of “affiliation” program.

Why is the NCVIP classified as a business?
We made a financial decision not to invest in the legal expenses it would require in order for us to obtain tax-exempt status while the standard C-Corporation structure would serve our purposes for the near-term.

It's also a great way to hide who your donors are.

The video on their "About" page has a Civitas logo on it. I'm sure there's absolutely no connection between Integrity and the other Americans for Prosperity groups. (palms on face)

Interesting that it's a C-corp accepting donations. A C-corp is subject to taxes, btw. How exactly would a C-corp accepting donations and not producing a product or service state profits? Perhaps the lawyer types here could explain to me why Integrity's not a good candidate for an IRS audit.

DeLancey's so angry in that News 11 footage that he goes beyond looking like a concerned citizen and more like an attorney who's losing out on "bounties" he might be collecting for finding bogus voter registrations. I'm not saying he's running a scam necessarily, at least under the letter of the law, but we should be asking why his group is organized the way it is.

There's definitely some money involved

I have no doubt if you peel this onion, you'll find at least one of the usual suspects (Pope, Koch, Scaife, etc.), if not all of them. But in this post-Citizen's-United world we live in, chasing a money trail seldom produces more than a shrug anymore.

The lack of outrage is itself outrageous.

A couple of angles to think

A couple of angles to think about.

Voter Integrity is a for-profit corporation and, by definition. Thus, it falls under the Fair Labor Standards Act. It can't have unpaid "volunteers".

If someone thinks that's the case - it would appear to be from the situation the way I interprete it - then I'd suggest a small group volunteer, do some work for them, and file a very public complaint with the Labor Department.

They'd have to prove they're "non-profit" and have records to back up the claim.

Secondly, is Voter Integrity target specific districts or counties with their records searches? Is there a pattern? If so, it could be a little smokescreen for some shenanigans going on with voter records in other parts of the state.

I'm not accusing anyone of illegal activity, but, hypothetically, a C-corp that doesn't have to reveal anything about it's finances publicly would be a great place to stash and distribute cash to operatives involved in not so savory little practices.

The Voter "Integrity" Project...

...has absolutely NO integrity. What sleazebags...they can't even fully admit their errors that have contributed to the result that it will be easier to buy a gun in North Carolina than to vote.

How do these people look themselves in the mirror?

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

When you're delusional,

everything you do seems to be just the right thing.

Speaking of Jay DeLancy Lying...

...there's evidence that in 2008, Jay DeLancy lived in Washington, DC...yet voted in Wake County.