Voting tips and guidelines from Democracy NC

Via the Winston-Salem Journal via Progressive Pulse

Here’s a list of 20 tips that we’ve verified with the State Board of Elections:

You may wear a button, hat or shirt with a candidate’s name as you quietly vote, but you may not actively draw attention to your choices.

You may take a list of your choices into the polling place to help you remember, but do not show it to others or leave it behind. Put the list on paper, not a cell phone. Cell phones can be cameras, so their use is prohibited inside the polls.

You may vote for any candidate of your choice, regardless of your political party affiliation.

Voting the “straight-party” ticket does not include the president; you must vote for president, judges, nonpartisan candidates and issues separately. If you vote on a paper ballot, look on both sides.

You may go to any early voting location in your county to vote, not just the one nearest to your precinct.

Lots more here.