Wake up the media with a Cup of Joe: Who Pays Pat McCrory?

Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory has been given a free ride by the media for far too long. If you are just an average voter, you might believe that Pat McCrory is who he pretends to be: a champion of ethics who never had a conflict of interest while Mayor of Charlotte, because the media hasn’t given you the whole story.

What the state’s newspapers and TV stations have failed to explain is that McCrory’s political career has been subsidized by corporate special interests, rife with conflicts of interest. It’s time for the North Carolina press to wake up!

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When McCrory refuses to publicly release his tax returns or client list he’s not just ignoring the “Who Pays McCrory?” campaign. He’s stonewalling the media. Why aren’t they outraged?

Think about it this way — in the midst of the controversy over the merger between Duke and Progress Energy — not one reporter made the link to the fact that as Governor, McCrory would be in position to appoint Utilities Commission members that have oversight over a new Duke Energy monopoly in North Carolina. Considering McCrory’s political career was subsidized by Duke Energy for over a decade, that looks like a mighty big conflict of interest. The media needs to get the message: McCrory’s financial ties matter.

Tell them to “Wake up and smell the coffee!”

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Four cups

If possible, please send them to these reporters with a note from me inside saying


  • Mark Binker
  • Laura Leslie
  • Rob Christensen
  • Travis Fain

Duke Energy's future looks bright --

Excerpt, July 20 -- http://www.indyweek.com/citizen/archives/2012/07/20/will-utilities-commission-crack-duke-for-sacking...

One more thought, and I'm sure I'll return to this subject.

Duke Energy is a political corporation. Post-merger, it's one of the biggest companies in the country.

Is it concerned that it has made the N.C. Utilities Commission, its ostensible regulator in this state anyway, look like idiots?

Probably not.

The Commission is currently dominated by appointees of former Gov. Mike Easley. Chairman Finley is an Easley appointee. Commissioners Beatty and Susan Rabon are too, and both were top aides of and friends of Easley's.

But the next governor may well be Pat McCrory, a former Duke Energy employee who was paid by Duke while he was mayor of Charlotte. Nothing illegal about that — the mayor of Charlotte is part-time, just like the mayor of Raleigh — and the fact the mayor was on Duke's payroll was remarkable only for the fact that he wasn't on one of the big banks' payrolls.

Still, if the current commissioners are pissed at Duke, future commissioners may all be FOD. Friends of Duke.

That's the whole idea of being a political corporation.