WakeUP/League of Women Voters' candidate forums for Wake County

Will you know who the candidates are when you see your ballot?

Come to one of WakeUP/League of Women Voters' candidate forums for County Commissioner and NC Superintendent for Public Instruction. Get YOUR questions answered about where the candidates stand on the issues that matter to you -- transit, schools, growth, budgets, water and more. Voter registration available onsite!

Forums for Wake County Board of Commissioners:

Cary - Oct. 4 doors at 6:30, forum at 7:30pm, Kirk of Kildaire Church, 200 High Meadow Drive
N. Raleigh - Oct. 11 doors at 6, forums at 7pm, Temple Beth Or, 5315 Creedmoor Rd.

Forum for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction:

October 15 - doors at 6, forum at 7pm, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, 3313 Wade Ave, Raleigh 27607

For more info, go to WakeUP's website. Registration for the events is encouraged, but not required. Information on all candidates can be found at www.ncvoterguide.com.


NOTE: Please attend the Superintendent of Public Instruction forum in Raleigh and support Democratic Incumbent, June Atkinson. She is being challenged in the general election by Wake School Board member and Tea Party leader, John Tedesco. She appears to have a comfortable lead, but this election is far from being over.


I plan to vote early and I

I plan to vote early and I live in Wake county. Can someone tell me who the Democratic Candidates are...including State races like all Judges are? And don't tell me the Wake County Democrats because according to that web site no candidates exist and the NC Party web site is not that granular. Wouldn't it be nice if the Parties were less concerned about internal crap and provide voters with simple clear Party recommended candidates in the Judgeships etc that are allegedly non partisan and we know they aren't . A person could really screw for instance and vote for Newby. Maybe the Democratic party in Wake and the State party like being the minority. Well gonna get that continued wish if they don't provide information. SInce I do not know whats what about Judges I want vote at all....thats one for Newby by default. Good job Democrats. Good Job.

I should be offended

I've written about Newby several times here at BlueNC, and I'm not the only one. I'd hate to think I hadn't made my point clear enough.

Which is not to take away from your point about party websites and such, I just wanted to take a moment and pat myself on the back. And it felt good, although my teres minor apparently didn't approve of such a movement.

I am the last person to get the Democratic Party to do better

posting information. We are not on the best of terms and have not been for several years.

However, anyone who is a registered voter can get info on the candidates' party affiliations by going to the State Board of Elections web site. Just enter the required info to validate your registration, and you can see your sample ballot for the General Election under the "Voter Lookup" tab.

I agree the judicial races are very important, and in the past the Dems have given out slate cards to identify those who are Democrats. You probably already know, given your comment, that it is very important to vote for the Democrat, Sam Ervin, IV, for Supreme Court Justice.

For State Court of appeals, vote for the women (who also are Democrats): Linda McGee and Wanda Bryant. Cressie Thigpen of Raleigh should also get your vote for a Democrat.

And just to be sure you know for future reference, as I posted above, you can use the NC Center for Voter Education site for information on all candidates, including judicial ones.

For more info on the Court of Appeals see the AP Story from Sunday here.

AS for District Court Judges, check out the Independent Weekly for their endorsed candidates. They pick progressives regardless of party affiliation, and Bob Geary has not let me down very often. I will try to post the Democrats who are running, but keep in mind that because of GOP redistricting mischief, there are over 100 different Wake County ballots to be used in this General Election.

Martha Brock

You miss the point. Sure I

You miss the point. Sure I can spend lots of time looking all over the place to lots of different outlets to ascertain who is running for what and the party...but how many voters will go to the trouble? How many people are willing to troll the net, the local papers etc...sure if you are a serious voter, motivated but what about the thousands of voters who simply are not going to do that who will make a limp lookabout and just blow it off. Like it or not lots of people who are voters...and who might actually go vote are certainly like that. In the past the Democratic Party of Wake County withing weeks of voting had on the opening page of the site the list of Wake County demcoratic candidates and judges that democrats should consider. Now with the new look ya gotta go dig around. My point is that why not put it out...in your face if you will. Make it easy. Make it obvious. Since when do Democrats make it hard...thought that was a GOP tactic.

It should be easy

And there should be one (printable) page with judicial/local Dem candidates that people could take with and study. Or that volunteers could hand out.

Actually I did get the point

But, as I implied, i don't know how to get the folks in the Goodwin House (who should get the point)to actually listen. I have been trying to get this point across for over 2 years.

I believe the post by D Blue was from Chairman Dan Blue of Raleigh. Maybe he is listening.

Martha Brock

And the point was well-taken

I got the point too and the point was well-taken... both points, actually.

As a result, the list of candidates is pinned to the top of the front page so that it won't be bumped (again) to other pages and it's been added to the navigation so that it is front and center. And, it is now available in a printable form (as opposed to the 3-per-page design that we send out for production), as Steve suggested.

I believe the post by D Blue was from Chairman Dan Blue of Raleigh. Maybe he is listening.

Yes, I am listening (or reading the comments section, as the case may be) and I do try to respond (or delegate someone to respond). It's better to send an email directly than it is to post in the comments section, but eventually, I get around to the comments section.

Much thanks, Dan

Being responsive like that is more than just helpful, it makes people feel like they matter. Which (as I'm sure you know) isn't as easy as it sounds.

Forums for Wake Commissioner and State Superintendent

Come learn where Wake County Commission and State education candidates stand on issues affecting YOU and Wake County! Ask YOUR questions at one of our non-partisan candidate forums, co-hosted by WakeUP Wake County and the League of Women Voters of Wake. Free and open to the public.

Forum for Wake County Board of Commissioners:

Oct. 11 - Temple Beth Or, 5315 Creedmoor Rd., Raleigh

Forum for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction:

October 15 - Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 3313 Wade Ave, Raleigh 27607

If you were unable to attend one of our forums you can watch the forum on RTN at the times listed here.


Martha Brock

Democratic Party Slate card online

I found a link to the Wake Democratic Party Slate card online at www.wakedems.org. Follow this link to the slate card (listing of candidates) for Democratic judicial candidates.

To make it easy, the Superior Court candidates listed are Mike Morgan, Donald Stephens, and Bryan Collins or Abe Jones.

The Wake County District Court Judge Democrats are listed. There are 9 candidates running in the General Election listed as Democrats on the card.


Monica Bousman

Jacqueline Brewer

Eric Chasse

Lori Christian

Erin Graber

Robert Rader

Debra Sasser

Christine Walcyzk

Anna Worley

Martha Brock

Thanks, Martha

Good information, as always.

Much appreciated Martha

Thanks Martha for posting the link. The link to the candidates and slate card were posted on the front page, but were bumped to the second page when all of the events were posted. I've added a link to the list of candidates on the left-hand menu. The list of candidates and a printable slate card can be found here.

I'll also add that Judges Anna Worley and Erin Graber face opposition (the District Court judges do not). The Early Voting and Election Day cards will focus on them. Bryan Collins and Abe Jones are running for the same Superior Court seat, but both are Democrats.

Bond referendum in Wake County too

If you're making a list of candidates and items to vote for in Wake County, I would add voting YES to the Wake Tech bond referendum at the end of the ballot. The proposed bond would provide for the growth of Wake Technical Community College.

Other counties/areas may also have referenda on the Nov ballot, but I won't put them on this thread since it seems mostly Wake County stuff.


Opening page on Wake County

Opening page on Wake County Republican party....simple on click on huge font to candidate page.....no drop down list...no hunt...no peck...no media troll....just opening page...big letters click here for candidate list and like MAGIC!!!! while on the Democratic page you have to employ the tactics of Sherlock bloody Holmes....but hey we are in the majority and we don't need to do a little heavy lifting and hand holding...nope nothing to worry about. Daltons a shoo in and the State house and Senate and the courts...all sewn up.....yesireeee

Slightly edited version

As you can see, I've trimmed a little bit. And I can trim a lot more if I need to...

You may have posted before I wrote my comments...

... but I think you'll find the information that you were looking for on the Wake County Democratic Party's website much easier to find now after the changes made this morning.

It's accessible from the homepage with no drop down list, no hunting, no pecking, no trolling, and no Sherlock Holmes. And it's visible in three places: the main focus on the page, the navigation on the left and the news on the left.

Every vote counts and none of us should be above a little heavy lifting and hand holding; I'm happy to personally email you the slate card if you're still having trouble finding it, and you can forward it to your contacts.

Thanks to you, Dan.

I hope we can now move on to other subjects.

Martha Brock