Walter Dalton unveils economic plan

And it's not all the same stale ideas:

The two-dozen or so ideas in Dalton’s plan include tax breaks for small businesses, a $2,000 tax credit for employers hiring a long-term jobless worker, and funds to encourage manufacturing, biotechnology and multi-state infrastructure projects. Employers also could reduce worker hours and wages temporarily to get through tough spots while employees get partial unemployment benefits.

That last part reminds me of a conversation I had with a couple of really smart people this weekend about the largely un-reported issue of under-employment in our state. More than any other (single) factor, the missing consumer dollars related to wage contraction are going to keep our economy anemic, and we must at least attempt some of the remedies in Dalton's plan:

Contractors bidding on state funded construction contracts and requesting tax incentives must commit to employing 50% of the project with state residents

As opposed to Pat McCrory who appears to be ready to outsource such work to whoever writes him the biggest check.

I must admit, I've been having a little trouble getting excited about Walter Dalton. I don't know if that's due to him flying under the radar for so long or because he (seemed to) coast to victory in the LG race past some great candidates. But seeing some specifics like those included in this plan might just be excitement-worthy.


In contrast

Pat Mitt McCrory's plan is to ... um ... make a plan.

McCrory thinks we need a strategic infrastructure plan ... one that doesn't include scientific data about sea-level rise ... but has no details about what that plan would involve besides appointing a bunch of special-interest white men with ethical conflicts to oversee the planning distribution of pork.

Why people can't see through the McCrory charade is beyond me. The only explanation I can find it that our watchdogs are asleep in the yard.


I'm very excited to vote for Dalton

After redistricting, the GOP will likely control the General Assembly for the next 2 years.

Considering the NCGOP's reckless excuse for governing, there MUST be a check on the GOP's legislative power.

Dalton leading the executive branch is the primary answer to that most pressing problem.